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Butterfly, Butterfly

butterfly, butterfly
fly in the sky
butterfly, butterfly
flies so high

Am I Evil?

Am i evil for believing what i do?
Am i evil for not agreeing with you?
Can't i be right and you wrong,
maybe your weak and im strong

Hate, Malice, And Revenge

Suferring is what i come from
Suffering is what ill cause
What was once considered scum
Now has the world in his jaws

I Loved You

I screamed in your face you didn't even flinch
What do you mean you need space?
I'm not moving an inch

Die With Me

Daring death of devilish dementions
Cry with me, please cry with me
Daring death of devlish dementions
Die with me, please die with me

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This reminds me about a poem of mine titled Butterfly in my award winning book of poetry titled 'Rhymes from the Nile.' Nice piece. Cheers!

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Dark Piccaso 16 March 2007

This was a fantastic piece!

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