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Am I Evil?

Rating: 3.9

Am i evil for believing what i do?
Am i evil for not agreeing with you?
Can't i be right and you wrong,
maybe your weak and im strong

Am i evil for having dark skin?
Am i evil for not being your twin?
Can't i be white and you black,
maybe i have what you lack.

am i evil for not being like you?
am i evil for being a nail... and u a screw?
Can't i be the screw and you the nail
maybe i'll succeed and where you fail
maybe your the evil one and im the good
and ur the one whos misunderstood.

Elyai Honarah 16 June 2007

This is such a good poem, Ahh I can't think how to describe it, its very emotive and it sort of bahh. Its good. Lol.

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Ryan Applegate 24 May 2007

wow, i really liked enjoyed this poem. i'm a highschool student from Torrance, CA. im going to tell me english teacher how good and strong this poem is. Thanks again for sharing your personal experience. srry got to say it again....WOW!

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Adryan Bates 15 January 2007

i wrote this when my first love told me her mom was racist. Her mom hated me and always found ways to split us up. racism is a dark and evil thing, but ive learn that what is good and what is evil is a point of view. hoped u liked it, even tho my grammar suckz. adryan

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