Aemilia Lanyer Poems

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To The Vertuous Reader

Often haue I heard that it is the property of some wo-
men, not only to emulate the virtues and perfections

Salve Deus Rex Judæorum.

Sith Cynthia is ascended to that rest
Of endlesse joy and true Eternitie,
That glorious place that cannot be exprest

The Description Of Cooke-Ham

Farewell (sweet Cooke-ham) where I first obtain'd
Grace from that Grace where perfit Grace remain'd;
And where the Muses gaue their full consent,

To All Vertuous Ladies In Generall

Each blessed Lady that in Virtue spends
Your pretious time to beautifie your soules;
Come wait on hir whom winged Fame attends

To The Doubtfull Reader

Gentle Reader, if thou desire to be resolued, why I
giue this Title, Salue Deus Rex Judaeorum, know

To The Queenes Most Excellent Majestie

Renowned Empresse, and great Britaines Queene,

Most gratious Mother of succeeding Kings;
Vouchsafe to view that which is seldome seene,

To The Ladie Arabella

Great learned Ladie, whom I long haue knowne,
And yet not knowne so much as I desired:
Rare Phoenix, whose faire feathers are your owne,

The Authors Dreame To The Ladie Marie

ME Thought I pass'd through th'Edalyan Groues,
And askt the Graces, if they could direct
Me to a Lady whom Minerva chose,

The Teares Of The Daughter Of Jarusalem

Thrice happy women ! that obtain'd such grace
From Him whose worth the world could not containe,
Immediately to turne about his face,
As not remembering his great griefe and paine,

To The Lady Susan

Come you that were the Mistris of my youth,
The noble guide of my vngouern'd days;
Come you that haue delighted in Gods truth,

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