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i adopt many principles then experience them to choose which of them will make me better spirtually

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**surgeons** (Romantic Poem)

</>And surgeons disagreed with each other
Dr / Hussam: excise all the tumors
Dr / Salah: treat him by radiotherapy and chemotherapy
Dr / Mokhles: leave him to die

28 Letters (Translated From Arabic)

Twenty eight alphabetical letters
Dancing in my lyrical band
Dancing naked with complete freedom
Leaving the heaven religions

An Internet Relation

Through the internet
love haunted me again
inhabited my arteries
and congested my veins

Christians! You Underestimate The God

You underestimate the God
You believe he has a lust
So was Mery the first

Mystic Dancing

Seasons vary
Tunes mutate
And I swivel.. swivel.. swivel
At the same place

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nesma salah 06 June 2015

Love you for ever

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