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How helpless are the greatest creation of God,
the volcanoes are killing, burning and smashing them.
Does the greatest creation of God not have power
Over atomic energy, astronomy, hydrogen bomb,

The Poem For My Love

Vast glow of your laugh,
Spread the light of hope.
Luminous light of your skin,
Shower the bright of beauty.


Vampire bats drive away the pigeons of peace,
Panic with the young tender heartbeats.
Numbers of the blood suckers are increasing,
They get stronger and suck the blood of beauty,

What I Feel

When your breasts are in my grip,
I feel human rights are in the grip of torturer.
When your vagina is spacing by my fingers,
I feel humanity escaping into the cave.

Peace In Globalization

Ancient cities ruin, as Palmira collapsed
Same as Palestine, Afghan, Iraq,
For massacre of meaningless mass movement,
For the addiction to damage and outrage torment.

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