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To the love of my life:
I wish you nothing but joy throughout your life.
May you be spared of any strife.
May you always view the glass half full,

Light the candles,
Shut the doors.
Don't you ever fear
No more.

I take the road less traveled;
Less trodden, so to say-
This road that is less traveled by
Is something of great decay.

Mein Freund,
I have been desperately searching
For the words
To tell you

The eyes of night
Pierce my soul.
Can you tell
That I'm not whole?

And I wait, just as long as it takes,
For these memories to be erased.
Please, can anybody help me?
Can someone undo the pain?

Shall we never hath to say goodbye?
I fear the word much as I fear
The wrath of God Himself.
If a goodnight shall pass our praised lips,

There's something poetic about a kiss
Shared between two people who
Would do anything for eachother.
There's a blanket of soft, but yet firm.

I roam through these halls
Recognizing every single visage,
But holding them as strangers.


And you just don't know
Why you upset me so much,
Do you?
You never know when to keep quiet,


How did I end up here?
Happy used to be such a dirty word,
Full of assumptions.
Now all I am is


I wish my scars would go away.
Why do they have to stick around?
An ugly reminder of everything
I've done,

Heretic, why do I love you?
So daring, so dashing, so bold.
You go against today's society
And exist with a not-so-common fold.

I caught a little black butterfly,
I kept it in a jar.
I carried it with me
Where I went, near and far.

This poem has actually ended up to be a song. But still, seeing as how its roots are in the poetry branch, I shall include it here. If I'm able to, I will upload a link to me singing this song in due time.

Knowing everything and nothing at all-
That's just fine with me.

I miss you
You're too far away
I haven't seen you
In nearly 38 days

Pick up the pieces and
Just keep moving on, my dear-
There is nothing left for you here.
Walked out the door with my

Airohng Liebe Biography

Airohng Liebe is my [Kaela Fritts] pseudonym. Airohng is pronounced 'Aaron.' Liebe is German for 'Love.' This name is a creation of my own, pieced together with borrowed bits and pieces. I fell in love with it as soon as I stumbled upon it when I was randomly scribbling, trying to come up with something suitable to write. I was truly born in Kansas, USA, but I decided that I needed somewhere 'closer to home' for my pseudonym, so Dresden, Germany it is. I hope you enjoy my works.)

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To the love of my life:
I wish you nothing but joy throughout your life.
May you be spared of any strife.
May you always view the glass half full,
And always find life enjoyable.
I won't always be here, as you may know;
But we shall let our emotions show
Why I'm able to be by your side,
My love, my life, my gift, and my pride.
Please forgive me as I have to part,
My God-given work of art.
The Lord has called me home and now
I wish I could stay to tell you how
Much I love you.
Yes, it's true.
I'll always love you.

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