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13. Breaky3 4/28/2014
14. Breaky5 4/28/2014
15. Breaky6 4/29/2014
16. Breaky7 4/29/2014
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Chapter 50

*The Cassanova is back*

[Stephen’s POV]

“Stephen wait! Please naman wag kang maglakad ng mabilis! ”

“Alyana how many times should I tell you I want to be alone! ! ” sigaw ko sa kanya I opened the door of my unit and nahabol naman ako ni Alyana. Hindi ko siya pinansin but instead nagtuloy-tuloy ako sa loob at sumalampak sa kama ko.

“the feeling is great! ! Atlast I’m free! Makakapambabae na ulit ako! ! ”

“oh shut up Stephen! ! Wag ka nga magpanggap! ! I know you! ...

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(Lyrics written by HaveYouSeenThisGirL. Lyrics edited, rearranged, sang and played by Kathryn Donato or idolizeayel of youtube. Isn't she cool? She's my idol. *u* <3)
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'hey there, can i passby a hundred times in front of you?
atleast that way you might notice that I exist
but then can I also smile at you

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