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Flown birds from trees
Fallen leaves from trees

You birds hid on greenish trees

Oh! Nature

If the face masks of humans are same

Fertile in India

Infertility in India

Again and Again

Drizzling Drops on an Evening
Shining Crops on travelling


Leaves on the tree
Leaves on the creed

Oh! birds your hardwork results in feeding termites

Oh! humans your smartwork of destroying trees to live like a snake


Stone can be god
Stone can be a mile stone
Stone can be a weapon
Stone can be a shelter

Why do you fear to live?

You have many people to perform before you

Noises of horns
Essence of tambouras

What will happen When horns becomes tambouras?

India got freedom by people's
who shed their blood
If they spent only sweat and tears

Why the human split the doors and windows from the Trees?

We waited to see the split up relationship when peeped over it

Oh! Spherical earth

Does Your nature make people to roll from place to place?


Feeling enjoyed on rain
Do remember you are in womb

Thinking you are fatigued



Holidays on summer
Sweaty faces on shower

Deaf and Dumb

Cryed on birth
Blabbered on Infant

I'm not famous in life
I'm feeling home sick
My outgoing calls are free
My out coming thoughts are not free from home

The Best Poem Of Mana Kavingyan


Flown birds from trees
Fallen leaves from trees

You birds hid on greenish trees
Braved leaves on greenish trees

Birds never had Permanent destiny
Leaves never had wings of destiny

Wind's direction
Leave's green
Bird's melody
Earth's gravity

Life may be bird
Life may be leaf

People flew might have fallen prey
People fallen might have turned manure

We are not vultures historically
We are not terrorists mysteriously


We will be singing birds
We will be shadowing leaves


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Mana Kavingyan Popularity

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