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Love that is pure and radiant

don't lock the doorway and hide

The branches of your

true love flowers

Why not we go for
a coffee in Barista
and walk near
a serene lake

Soldiers sacrifice

their lives whereas

Does love cause a storm
like this across the fences
of continents,
in one earth and in one

To conquer the east wind
in his palm, he forgot Jesus,
bartered his soul,
conquered a tiny fragment

That pacific blue is excited

as it struggled hard to toss

Change is the law of life
What you call death is life itself
In a moment you are king and
in a moment you are poor man.

He chased her, haunted her
threatened and humiliated her
for days and night through
masks and masquerades

Earth's free fall from its orbit

is a far end dream for a few

C for cosmos
C for Christ
C for cerebellum
C for coffin

An ocean of treasures nurtures

no greed or anger or any such

His garden is full of
stinging bees
My garden is full of
singing birds

While faith drapes
mask of monsters,
life lights a lamp
for a dawn

That amber is holy
not to be surrendered
under unholy feet of pale
yellow drapes of weak waves

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Love that is pure and radiant

don't lock the doorway and hide

let the dreamy river of love flow

from mountain as a spring...

June 19,2009

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Ajay Pisharody Popularity

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