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In a monochrome dimension I dwelt, my emotions shackled by the ways of the world, until she came along, and painted my world in vibrant hues. Since then in cathartic rambles, I spew my views on what's surrounding me. Oh, the name's Shaan by the way.

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Pride And Prejudice

Huddled inside his feathery frame,
basking in his mellowing warmth,
behind the horizon the sun rose and dawn came,
and the dove awoke with fright and alarm.

She had to fly for none must know,
that her heart's with the raven.
And she flew leaving her heart behind,
only to wear a mask among her own kind.

She played along as they tweeted with voices loud,
their diction coated with malice and disdain..
She could do nothing but to their every word bow,
while her tender heart bled and pained.

Tangled in their rusted chain,
she waited till the first star spawned.
Bidding goodbye with a smile that she feigned,
she wound the clock to the time before morn.

As the sun crept to the other side,
the dove lost herself in his love so wide.
With their body and soul now entwined,
they made love, when everything was so beautiful and fine.

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Ajay Shaan Popularity

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