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When we mount the pulpit
To call God's kingdom to come, and
The widow's might strengthen our tongues,
As the congregation sow seed and pay tithes for our


Eye link generations
As they come, live, and transcend to ‘eternity'
The spirit dwells and speaks through me,
I am divine…

Life is like a football game
When you score a goal, you must play hard to defend it
And even harder to score more goals,

Bloomingly gloomy,
The soul is moody,
The cloud has gathered,
Thick and threatening…

I dance for me,
Silent vibrations from within
Rhythm of the unseen,

It was a Good Friday,
The day eye met you.
In a dusty, harmattan ridden, exam malpracticing class.
Eye became the invigilator

Rhythmical thoughts,
Elastic, inelastic tensions,
Restless mood anticipating the invisibles
In the world of fantasies

What manner of choice is man?
…specimen; test tube!

Does he have a choice?


The most productive wife of this
Unholy polygamy,

She walks not the cat stage
Wriggling her waist, and jerking her buttocks
Like a mold of amala in the hands of mama-put,
Her braless breasts are not spectacle for the audience

Unbroken fellowship,
The living and dead
For our love for the departed
Keep us in everlasting communion as

When I remember the fish,
The river longed me to go,
Wriggling and meandering, slippery in this
Imaginary waters of my world,

A wonderful couple with mysterious nature…
For a dying body,
What a rhythm known and unknown,
Hours, minutes, seconds,

Surgical section, Medical section,
Bed one, bed two, bed three …
Feeding and oxygen tubes in nostrils,
Catheter, Diapers… antiseptic odour fills the air.

Farewell my Queen to the land of Angels,
Fly with the wings of Cherubim, soar with
The fire of Seraphim,
Fare into light of God, shine with the stars,

Amazing voices sing in praise
Of God every morning and night, yet,
This house is war.

They call us happiest people on earth
Eye wonder why it was so.
We are people psychologically oppressed,
And we sort happiness everywhere to float.

When the flesh of this emotion dies,
When it goes down so deep;
Six feet or less or more,
As food to termites, vultures or the fish,

Eye seek what I know not,
Like an eagle hovering and scanning the
Horizon, eye seek.

In this desert we stand,
Forward is as far as backward.
That antidote for unseen tomorrow green,

akachukwu chukwuemeka ( akabeks) Biography

He is a graduate of Fine and Applied Arts, University of Nigeria, Nsukka 1997/98 majoring in painting.He is currently a Post Graduate Diploma student of Gender Studies at University of Abuja.)

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...We Are All Boko Haram

When we mount the pulpit
To call God's kingdom to come, and
The widow's might strengthen our tongues,
As the congregation sow seed and pay tithes for our
Travel expenses to Babylon, and the widow prays for miracle
In paying her children's school fees,
Then, we are Boko Haram,

When we siphon the entire budget for public
And ride on SUVs with security entourage, and our
Children attend private schools at home and abroad,
As the teachers are always on strike,
And the school children become apprentices at devil's workshop,
Then, we are Boko Haram,

When we glib on prime time television
About heaven on our bumpy earth by the year 2020,
While pregnant women still die at childbirth, as young people
Die of malaria,
And youths trek across Sahara desert
In search of greener pasture,
Then, we are Boko Haram,

When we call young people lazy,
And we refuse to retire as due, when our ages get younger
As we grow old,
And our imagination reaches menopause with all
The money in our foreign account,
When we are still youth leaders at 70 years, and
The young people can only serve their nation as thugs,
Then, we are Boko Haram,

When we are too busy to attend
Our child's school drama,
Because our absence from our
‘Businesses' cannot be compromised,
And our house-help becomes parent and mentor
To our child,
Then, we are Boko Haram,

When we mount roadblocks and checkpoints,
And we intimidate innocent people with tax payers
Uniforms and guns, and
The newsman's camera captures extra judicial killings,
And the dead stays dumb,
Then, we are terrorists.

The jungle is thick with iroko trees
Blocking the eyes of the sky,
The Law applies according to ‘strength',
To join the pack' is to survive,
The weak is food for all and,
The pack is
Boko Haram.

© May,2014

#BRINGBACKOURSGIRLS and the boys conscripted as child soldiers by boko haram

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creativity is like the river, the deeper you go, the more exposed the beauty.

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akachukwu chukwuemeka ( akabeks) Popularity

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