Akara K.

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Akara K. Poems

1. Who's To Trust 8/27/2006
2. The Journey 9/3/2006
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11. Revelation 9/3/2006
12. Angel Of My Hell 7/29/2007
13. Monster 7/29/2007
14. Fake 7/29/2007
15. Still Alive In Spite Of It All 7/29/2007
16. Anti-Reality 8/27/2006
17. (wind) 2/2/2009
18. Fallen Angel 8/27/2006
19. Reckless Fury 9/3/2006
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21. Inferno 8/27/2006
22. I Guess I'M Greedy? 9/3/2006
23. Forgiveness 2/2/2009
24. Facade 8/27/2006
25. Childish Wisdom 9/3/2006
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27. Better Weather Here Than Somewhere Else 7/29/2007
28. Ode To Blue - A Sonnet 2/2/2009
29. Crooked 8/27/2006
30. Butterfly Effect 9/3/2006
31. Poetry 9/3/2006
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What is poetry?
Poetry is many things
But there are far more things that poetry is not
Poetry is not a style of writing
Poetry is not a rhyme or a limerick
Poetry is not something you can read
Poetry isn't just seen or heard, but seen, heard, and felt
What is poetry, then?
I can't tell you that, no one can
But you can only know
And even then you can't tell anyone what poetry is
Because poetry isn't words
Poetry is a feeling you get in your chest
Poetry is a chill that runs through your body
Poetry is a knife that slices your soul
Poetry is ...

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I tried so hard to hold you back, but to no avail
You slipped from my grasp so easily
Sometimes I can't help but blame myself
Maybe if I was only able to hold on a little tighter
We wouldn't be here right now
You wouldn't be looking up at me with tear-filled eyes
Tears run down your face, but they aren't your own
My heart is dying along with you
The snow is tainted with blood

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