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I've written these poems at different times. I wrote the first 'The Station' at 13. It was a homework assignment, for drama i think, depicting a metaphor for the transition from youth to old age and death, then the others were written over a few years. The poems aren't always a reflection of what i'm feeling, maybe its a film i've watched, a lyric ...

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In Love With Love

Here sits a boy so in love with this girl,
But he won't say a word cause it sets him in a whirl.
And it won't stop spinning untill he can find
some rest, reassurance or peace of mind,

Count Down

Ten- Time is ticking way too fast
Nine- Nothings ever meant to last
Eight- Everything you knew this year
Seven- soon enough will disappear

Drunkenly In Love

Bit to drink but not drunk,
Not in love with life...but think i am with you.
Don't know what love is, hasn't sunk
In deep enough for me to fall through

Comfortable In My Skin...Not So Much In Your Boots

I walked a mile in your boots,
But they weren't for me.
They blistered my feet and made them bleed.

In Heat

A thick gauze surrounds me now, it hums with me.
Its so suffocating i can hardly breathe.
it slides up my top and caresses my chest,
it plays on my skin and soaks my vest.

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