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Here sits a boy so in love with this girl,
But he won't say a word cause it sets him in a whirl.
And it won't stop spinning untill he can find
some rest, reassurance or peace of mind,

Bit to drink but not drunk,
Not in love with life...but think i am with you.
Don't know what love is, hasn't sunk
In deep enough for me to fall through

Ten- Time is ticking way too fast
Nine- Nothings ever meant to last
Eight- Everything you knew this year
Seven- soon enough will disappear

I walked a mile in your boots,
But they weren't for me.
They blistered my feet and made them bleed.

A thick gauze surrounds me now, it hums with me.
Its so suffocating i can hardly breathe.
it slides up my top and caresses my chest,
it plays on my skin and soaks my vest.

Sweaty palms and bouncy butterflies,
Cover my anxiousness
And ugly lies.

The wiring of my brain
Not compatible with that of my heart,
And i don't know where to begin,
Where did it go wrong...where do i start


D-utifly waiting, trying not to frown
E-verything is gradually slowing down
A-lways regretting what was never done
T-rying desperately to move on.


Trust in God and trust in him more than anything else.
Before friends, family and even yourself.

Cause he'll never leave you when things get bad,

What is left for me to do?
My heart torn, feeling bloody blue.
There no sun to light my sky...
No moonlight to bring in my tide.

It's on the first step that I fumble,
Easing my way down.
It's on the second step that I stumble,
Calmly hiding my frown.

I stop at the station,
I stand,
I wait.
But time keeps ticking and its getting late.

Feelings can change as seasons do
Sometimes hot or cold.
Each different and new.
But will I feel the same about you in a few months

When you miss him so much that it burns in your chest,
Ripping the days off your calender,
Counting down till when you'll see him next.


I love the way you make me smile without needing to try,
i love the way you make a horrible day float happily by.
But i can't notice or seem to care when you look at me.
i might smile, frown, even snare or be beside myself with glee.

I'm trapped and i can't move...
These four walls of my little box are too hard to break through.
I can't do it anymore;
My walls are moving in and my hearts too sore.

Hook your foot in and begin to climb,
Sercure your footing, you don't have time.

Keep climbing and try not to fall...

Plant my seed and plant it deep,
Push it through the dirt.
ill germinate and fix my roots
Deep within the earth.

Akua Achampong Biography

I've written these poems at different times. I wrote the first 'The Station' at 13. It was a homework assignment, for drama i think, depicting a metaphor for the transition from youth to old age and death, then the others were written over a few years. The poems aren't always a reflection of what i'm feeling, maybe its a film i've watched, a lyric or quote i've read or a conversation i've over heard that sets me off. I read some of these poems and laugh because i have no idea what i was thinking when i wrote them and some of them are just plain embarrassing, but i've stopped myself from deleting them like i used to. They show parts of me that sometimes i'd prefer people not to see which makes me feel quite vulnerable but i am proud of some of them. I'm currently studyin Psychology, Sociology, History and Politics, and hope to get into Journalism or writing. if you have any questions just message me. xx)

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In Love With Love

Here sits a boy so in love with this girl,
But he won't say a word cause it sets him in a whirl.
And it won't stop spinning untill he can find
some rest, reassurance or peace of mind,
That this girl that he loves so very much wil be in his arms
to hold and touch.
All that he wants is for this girl to caress
But he can't possibly cause his heads such a mess.
And he desperatley longs and hopes for the day that he can openly but honestly say,
'i love you more than anythingelse, even more than life itself'.

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Akua Achampong Popularity

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