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1. Cheese 8/26/2013
2. The Fainting Couch 8/26/2013
3. Carrington And Jane 11/20/2015
4. Al Literational 11/20/2015

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The Fainting Couch

A southern belle when just a girl
Would live life in a giddy whirl
And should the vapors overtake
To the fainting couch she’d make.

At every party or every ball
In every parlor and every hall
Should a sweet lady feel so low
It’s to the fainting couch she’d go.

The smelling salts always on hand
A servant, there to wave a fan.
It was a Southern Belle’s delight
To sway and swoon, least once a night.

A pretty maid would cast her eye
Upon a beau and she would try
To win his heart and I can vouch
She’d head slowly to the fainting ...

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