Alan Bruce Thompson Poems

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Free Market Economy

The world began with me, there was nothing before,
History what's that? Your past is a bore.

What's here is here, before it was simply not there,

Speaking Some Truth

Diplomacy I know is something I should find,
Because people don’t like it when I simply speak my mind.

I find it quite dishonest not to speak the truth,

Feet On The Ground

The Euphoria of Cloud Nine without a sound,
In love, floating weightless above the ground.

Entwined, uplifted, spirally upwards swirled,

Venus Personified

She stood there pouting, adopting a film star pose,
As her curvaceous virile body, pushed shape into her clothes.

She perched on her stiletto heels, threw back her blond hair,

Circles In The Mind

The thoughts go continuously around in my head,
I listen too carefully, to distinguish what is said.

I follow each idea, around and around,

Angel City

It's a bit rusty at the edge, falling apart at the seams,
Its times are past, its hopes, its dreams.

From inside our glass house, its easy to scorn the past,

Pleasing People

I always say 'Yes', can never say 'No',
Swallow all hurt, let no feelings show.

He insulted me badly, called me the 'Son of a Bore'

Eye Contact

If you look another person in the eyes and they look away,
Then your soul is free to look another day.

Don’t look a dog in his eyes, because you’ll never be free,

Missing Your Voice

I hear your voice sometimes now,
It's in the wind when it blows right through.

I hear your voice daily now,
There's no mistaking that sound quite true.

Granada Mi Amor

In the time of the almighty Moors
Granada had open windows, open doors.

Together were the crescents, stars and crosses,

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