Alan W. Jankowski Poems

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We Shall Never Forget (9-11 Tribute)

Let the world always remember,
That fateful day in September,
And the ones who answered duty's call,
Should be remembered by us all.

We Started As Friends

We started out as a couple of friends,
Who saw each other now and then,
Two people hurt many times before,
And afraid of getting hurt once more.

The Best You Ever Had

All the trust we've built together,
Bonds developed from the start,
Have somehow been ripped in two,
Like you ripped apart my heart.

Steal This Poem

You probably were a bully,
Who never did well in school,
Stole other kid’s lunch money,
And thought it was really cool.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Don't tell me that you need me,
And I'm the best you've found,
Because if you really needed me,
You at least would come around.

Poetry Contests

I have entered so many contests,
And I'm starting to wonder why,
Just sitting here thinking about it,
Makes me want to cry.

Opinions And Advice

People always offer opinions and advice,
As to what you should or shouldn't do,
Though they can barely manage themselves,
They seem to know what's best for you.

The Facebook Poem

I'd heard about social networking,
And how it was the next big thing,
So I just had to take a look,
And ended up on Facebook.

Please Tell Me That You Can Stay

I watch you lie so quiet and still,
You really are a lovely sight,
So many dreams you helped fulfill,
As I recall our previous night.

More Beautiful Every Day

They say that time is the great thief,
Robber of beauty and of looks,
I have heard it spoken times before,
Have read of it in books,

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