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A night of wonderous gloom
The clock tick 12, a midnight noon
A girl in the room is wide awake
Gets out of bed, she trembles and shakes

I don't know how
And I don't know why
There is a time to live
And a time to die

Every night I sit alone
Finally I've found a home
I've been taught the things I need to know
My saviors surgence glow

Everything I said was not true
I didn’t mean a word of it
Anger and confusion led me to
Hurt you

When the rain falls
So does Heaven

When God calls

Believe in the purpose
Understand it's meaning
And wait for the results

Thy lay one way
But one lay the other
The lay awake
Waiting to take thy cover

I'm having a difficulty
I can't find inspiration
For a poem I'd like to write

Somedays when the rain won't stop falling
I listen carefully and hear you calling
But the truth is your not there

Do you still love me
Or have you let go
Of what we used to be
Of the love we used to know


Time is where we are
And time is where we've been
Time is being lost
And found again

Tears of joy
And tears of pain
Tear of fear
And tears with dreams

Here stands a broken soldier
One that has fought for his life
One who has fought for your rights
One who has fought with no end

The sun shines
And the moon glows
The stars are the signs
And all of the birds know

I know you see me sitting here
As i try to wipe away the tears
That you made fall down
I don't know what else I can do

I would love to find a way
To circumvent
How I feel
But I must relax and take in


Beware of your true identity
Who you prented to be is false
Beware of your silent mystery
And of your hearts own beating pulse

Help me undo whats been done
I believe in you
And I trust in you
For you are the one

She was there
You remember her
Every time you felt down and hurt
She helped you up

There's something I'm dying to say
I want to tell you so bad
Here I go

Alandra Nicole Moreira Biography

There is alot to say and not enough words to describe. I have been through so much in the short 16 years that I have been alive. As an infant I was abused in every way possible... sexually, physically, emotionally... When I was 2 I was taken from my birth home along with 6 other children all half brothers or sisters. I have four older brothers an older sister and a younger brother... we all have the same mother but different fathers. My birth father was told by the court that he had 6 children and he said no I have four and then chose four out of six of us... leaving me and my brother Byron behind... I in-fact, was the only birth-child of his. My brother and I were placed into many foster homes after that all of which were abusive or had illegal dealings within their house hold. This continued to be the routine till I was 4 and I finally came to a family in Cabin John Maryland. My brother followed me here however he did not stay. In the end it was his mislead choice to leave but the choice was given to him after many episodes of brain-washing by our racist Social Worker. Who believed that African-American children should not be brought up by a white family. It was a long struggle between my parents and the court. Such a long struggle that I did not get adopted till I was 8 years old. I was adopted and separated from my brother, who did not get adopted, on March 3rd 2001. Three days before my 9th birthday. At the time my name also changed. I was once Natia Monique Woods Proctor and am now Alandra Nicole Schlosberg Moreira... I have gone from being spanish to being portuguese. Well abuse has very long aftermaths... after so many years of abuse I learned to take care of my-self at the age of 3. I had an Attachment disorder meaning that I would not allow myself to become attached to the people who are providing for me or anyone that hadn't 'proved' Him or herself trust-worthy in my eyes. I also developed servere depression and aggression. I did not know how to speak until I was 6 years old. I have gone to level 5 schools... (schools for 'special' children. Or children that need constant watch and therapy. I have been in the hospital many many times for violent outbursts and many runaways... I have a good relationship with neighboring police. However when I was 7 I learned about poetry in my english class at school and fell in love with it. Though I still had outburst this was what relieve me of most of my emotions. Through the years of therapy and care my love for poetry is the one thing that has never changed. I'm going to sip ahead now to the present. I still have many disadvantages from my past. I still do not trust people very easily. If I get the feeling someone who is in my life is trying to hurt me in any way, shape or form... through words or actions I will quickly make sure they have nothing to do with me anymore... a characteristic I hate about myself for I have lost many friends However if I am wrong about something I will not be afraid to admit and correct it. I do not show real emotion. If I become angry or down you will not know. I keep everything inside and pretend everything is okay until I can find paper and just write it out. I also tend to care about other people more than I do myself. I never stand up for myself when I should however if someone messes with someone else they answer to me. I think more of the world and the nations future than I do of my own future. I question everything. I do not like to be in large crowds because you cannot watch what everyone is doing. I can not sit with anyone behind me... because I cannot watch them. Other Facts about me... I have not seen my brother Byron since 2001. I do not remember either of my birth parents. My Uncle Thomas died in 2001. May he rest in eternal Peace. My younger brother I met in 8th grade and have been very close to since. ALL IN ALL I have been though alot and though I may seem shaky by the words I describe myself as... I am one of the sweetest, grounded, and educated teenage girls you will meet. My HEROES are my parents because when I am having trouble or need something I cannot get to, and I cannot do something myself, they always come through for me. Always. THANK YOU To mom (Dr. Doreen Moreira) , daddy (Dr. Marc Schlosberg) and my entire loving family. Thank you to George Walker Moore, and my best friends Jennie Graff, Valorie Pratt, Anton Majewski, Michael Skalarski, and James Nicholson. Thank you to Dave and Joyce Ziegler, Ron, Judy and Erin Littlebury, Jen, Steve Hammond, Dan Silver and everyone else at S.C.A.R. Jasper Mountain Center who help me make the transition from who I was to who I am now. Also thank you for reading my poetry. And to close my own quote... 'Love everyone and hate no one. Know nothing and still be smart. Do what your heart tells you and not what you tell your heart. Don't live a lie it just breaks you down' I am 16 now I go to military high school... I go to the Air Force high school.. Love it there, I am still writing, on my way to my pilots lisence, getting my scuba diving lisence, am currently a summer higher at US Coast Guard Headquarters, have 10 planned extra-circculors for next year... studying and join the CAP Civil Air Patrol group in Arlington. So I am busy but I like it that way. I am still in love with my ex-boyfriend George Walker Moore just as much as I was when we started going out... we broke up a month ago. I have a foundation by which I live and it is what I live by. It is writtenon paper and hangs in my room and those are my personal commandments. I am a solid practical, selfless, dependable, giving, original, outspoken and political person. Don't ask me how I feel because it would be a burden you'd carry for the rest of your life to know of my pain. Don't trust my smiles, don't trust my laughs, but do trust my words, and do trust my actions... for if I say it I follow it. Yea I think that pretty much covers it... and uh no this is not all of my poetry... I've written some 300 pieces I just have to get everything typed up and I have almost no time as it already is. Just search me on google maybe you'll find something you hadn't seen before. anyways i gots to go, so enjoy, peace rest in your soul and Goddess Bless! Alandra Nicole Moreira)

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A Tear Of Sadwater Blue

A night of wonderous gloom
The clock tick 12, a midnight noon
A girl in the room is wide awake
Gets out of bed, she trembles and shakes
Outside as she looks to the glistening moon
Suddenly something feels wet against her cheek
She moves her hand to wipe away a tear
So mild, so meek, yet stronger than weak
She release the rain that she's held inside
That has punctured through her subtle cloud
A vision dreamed, but crowned by doubt
The clock strikes one
She hears footsteps behind her
Feels a hand on her shoulder
Now someone holds her
When she turns around to see him
Just a vision of what was or what wil be
She does not know
But right now he is just an image
That she longs for
An image of what she had, lost and regains
And that image gave her the most subtle hope
So slowly, as the clock struck two
She fell asleep, dreaming of him
Happiness in dream underneath the moon
But still from beneath her sleeping eye
A tear of minded gloom
A tear of sadwater blue

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Romeo Della Valle 07 November 2009

May the Lord bless you a thousand times, you brought tears to my eyes, just like the woman behind all my poems, God bless a thousand times again, again and forever after, Love and Peace, keep writing love, you still have a long way to go, Love, Romeo, if you have time, please, read some of my poem and you will see that you are not alone....

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