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After traveling the universe,
I decided to travel my own earth,
carrying no luggage
Only my mind and heart!

Where the ends of life meet
A boundary is broken
Overstepped and outreached
When another creed has spoken...

In the pursuit of happiness, ..
I have crossed many bridges…
Climbed many mountains
& traveled many roads;

Sitting quietly at a table in a corner bar
With his pride tarnished and a heart broken,
His mind seems to be gone away very far
But he is ready to release his words unspoken...

Young butterflies,
Please, let your tender wings grow
Before you try to hit the skies
In an attempt to early fly

Once you were the moon
And I was the sun,
I was a gardener
And you a beautiful rose...

Rubbish, written rubbish
I can't show it to anyone I know
They'll get the wrong idea,
They'll think I am fatalistic,

Oh! Heart of mine!
That has been broken
In so many pieces and many times…
Here I am, wondering

And a falling star
Will relieve you
From the shadowless and sorrowful
Solitude of marble....

The heart is deceived by a muted tongue
That is bound by captivity...
A feeble voice- Uncertain wrong
Is divested of word's gravity...

Why did you trespass
The boundaries set by my heart?
You became an intruder,
Like a burglar at midnight

Leave me to my senses
And the darkness of a room,
For I have no reflection
And my eyes refuse to see

The day you were born,
The morning was blessed
With a golden sunshine...
The birds sang joyfully

Silent, dark and cold I am
To the outside that knows not
The glow within my shell
Trembling with a secret

When home is no longer there
And there's no place
To spend the holidays,
Except where you are

Whenever I feel very low,
Tired and rushing against the crowd
In this big jungle of concrete, steel
And glass called: New York City,

In the circumference of my life,
Mother nature's laws I can't defy...
I must move forward to a new level
Without becoming a fool or a rebel...

Many times, like a baby I cried, I confess,
But I overcame that cruel past...
Standing up strong without stress,
I erased a love I did not cast...

Simple words revealing a pure love
That slowly is drowning me
In the deep Ocean of my silence
Every time I think of you

When my spoken words
Tenderly caress her ears
No holding fears
I the poet take my pen

Romeo Della Valle Biography

Born in a beautiful island named Quisqueya or Hispaniola and from Italian and Spanish parents and coming to America very young with a goal, mainly, to succeed in life and be happy. I have worked very hard and gone to school to better myself...Fully aware of who I am, finished school and still working very hard. I have gone out of my way to make other people happy, however, I haven't be so lucky to find somebody to accept the way I am....just a human being-not perfect-but a caring human with feelings and love to share....As a citizen of the world, there is not race, color, or religious beliefs that would stop me from searching for happiness....I love and write for the sake of my soul...I freely express my feelings to this vast universe...Only the mighty God knows what I have been going through....and whenever is the time for me to depart forever...let it be, , there is only one life to live...Going away being happy that I leave my own legacy behind for others humans to learn from my poems. I have become through times passed that I am a man with a Vision and a clear mission: 'To spread my message of Love an Peace throughout the World and if my poetry can touch a single soul in the World, then I would gladly die leaving my clear footprints behind! Romeo-New York City)

The Best Poem Of Romeo Della Valle

A Journey

After traveling the universe,
I decided to travel my own earth,
carrying no luggage
Only my mind and heart!

In my way to Egypt,
I stopped in Jerusalem
Kneeling down and kissing
The Holy Land!

I kept going, landing
On top of a pyramid
Finding myself praying to the Lord,
In minutes I was in Mecca
Inspired by Prophet Mohammad!

I saw the green pasture of Ireland
Trying to find Rachel Ann Butler
And give to her my love
Along with a red rose!

I went across to
The United Kingdom
To meet Sir John Knight
To shake his hand,
Have a chat and show to him
My true friendship!

The trip seems endless,
So, I have no choice
But to keep on going
To reach my goal:
The message of love and peace
Throughout the whole world!

After being impressed
By the city's lights
From the top of the Eiffel Tower,
I flew to the Vatican City
Where I kissed the
Holy Father's hand!

Lost in the crowd and
Running away from the bulls,
I found myself tired in Barcelona,
I decided to get a physical and
Spiritual rest In the God's
Blessed land of India!

In my desperate need
To see the world,
I flew to the Philippines
Having the honor
To meet Lady Grace,
Whom I gave a kiss on her cheek!

Realizing I was still in New York,
Since I never really left,
Now, it is up to you
To tell me what happened,
For I am confused!

Romeo Della Valle
© All rights reserve-2009
New York City

Romeo Della Valle Comments

Sajna Kailas 05 November 2011

an outstanding poet. born with the boon of poetry! ! ! ! ! !

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Ramesh Rai 23 July 2012

About my heavenly friend, my dearest brother and Hon'ble Poet Romeo, what ever I write that will be the least. He has the divine power of composing poem as if poetry is coming down direct from the heaven and being written through my friend. Thus what ever Miraj Patel has stated is cent percent true. I always think about him due to his sickness and always pray the Almighty for his sound health and long life. I request the God to give him the power to keep his writing power constant. May God bless him with all peace and love.

2 1 Reply
Noemi Lee 09 April 2012

Your poetry is thought provoking and beautiful! Thank you for sharing it with us, and for your kind remarks about one of my poems.

2 1 Reply
Nicole Pearson 27 February 2012

your poems are very inspiring. i love them

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Miraj Patel 15 February 2012

Your name is romeo and poem is your juliet... Your poems are just amazing and outstanding... Loved reading your poems... Lucky to know such a great poet... And also your comments on our poems inspires us... Thank you :)

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Romeo Della Valle 26 December 2019

After being away for a while from this group, I am back to share my poems with my brothers and sister from around the world! Thanking all of you for your priceless support and wishing you Happy New Year.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 17 September 2019

Romeo Della Valle is an outstanding poet of international reputation and an old friend of ours. He writes beautiful poems with deep essence of motivational power and philosophy. His poems truly inspires the readers. I know him very well and I have read his many poems and reviewed. I am astonished finding his high poetic art as a gifted talent. He is gentle and affectionate to many in the world literary heaven and his poems dazzle like gems. May God bring happiness for him!

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Heather Wilkins 30 October 2014

Romeo is an excellent poet. He writes his heart He is a gentleman and connected with his readers.

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Romeo Della Valle 03 April 2013

Thank you my dear brother Ramesh Rai for your humble and honest comment about me as a poet. Likewise, I admire your talent and your spirituality. God Bless You!

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Ramesh Rai 12 March 2013

My brother as well as friend inspired me always, About his poetic talent what ever is written will be least. I pray the Almighty for his long and joyful life and wish to get his love and affection throughout my life.

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