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1. Goodbye 3/15/2009
2. Now That I Got You 1/21/2013
3. Marriage 1/21/2013
4. Butterfly 1/21/2013
5. Nature 1/21/2013
6. Why Do We Die? 1/21/2013
7. Season Of Loneliness 1/22/2013
8. Guess You Know 1/22/2013
9. I Wish I Had More Pens 1/22/2013
10. Time 1/22/2013
11. Love Is A Girl 1/22/2013
12. Imagine 1/22/2013
13. My Folks (Way To Go) 9/18/2014
14. Can'T Yussy? ? ? (Can'T You See? ? ?) 10/10/2014
15. The Comfort Of Your Arms 6/20/2016
16. Against All Odds... 3/20/2017

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Now That I Got You

Glad you have no other person but me,
Glad I was the one you told how you feel,
Glad you shared your emotions with me,
Glad you told me you've fallen so deeply.

And I asked you how deep you've fallen,
And I enquired how strange you're feeling,
And I questioned how urgent you're needing,
And I wondered who was the lucky person.

Little do I know that so deep you've gone,
Little do I know its a sincere feeling,
Little do I know its for eternity,
Little do I know I was the lucky one.

Now I keep thanking God,
Now I keep falling too, ...

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Please let's not play this game,
'cos once U leave... things will neva be the same,
Who'll be there 2 whisper my name?
And 2 tell me if I'm the one or not 2 blame?

So many places I've gone,
So many things I've done,
So many people I've known,
But without U I'm still alone.

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