Alberto Cappas Poems

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Suicide Of A Puerto Rican Jibaro In Mainland Buffalo

They didn’t understand.
They were all Americans now.
He would smile sometimes,
thinking about his youth in Ponce,

Father Of My Nephew

Crafting letters
Poet after birth of senior years
Hidden treasures beginning to explode in words
Insights rediscovering their usage.

The Educational Pledge - Dedicated To The Young

I pledge to maintain
A healthy mind and body,
staying away from the evil of drugs.
I pledge always to try my best to understand

Milagros: A Love Story

When she was born
her mother named her Milagros.
Her father was never around.
The neighbors said she was beautiful

Dona Julia

Doña Julia
Committed suicide last night
Cause the welfare department
Demanded too many documents she did not

Maria's Journey

She was sitting there.
The lonely traffic passing by.
Thinking of yesterday when Mommy
Used to cry in protest.

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