Alejandra Moreno Poems

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At A War Of Love

I'm at a war
A war of love
Right now I am quite confused
I don't know if it is Love love

A Soulemate

A soulmate is the one who will be able to heal any scar that you have in heart
A soulmate is the one who can make you feel loved
A soulmate can make you laugh
A soulmate is the one who brings peace to your world

White Magic

I can feel white magic burnig inside me
just waiting to burst out
and eager to be used

A White Flame

I can feel a flame inside me
but not just any flame
a white one

Finding Your True Soulmate

Through life you'll meet many guys
For some you will feel more love then others
For some you will be able to talk to more than others
Some you will see more than others

Winter Beauty

by: Joan Adams Buechell

When it's winter in the Valley
and my breath hangs in the air,

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