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I'll sing along
To all the words
Quietly enough
To not be heard

Welcome to society
It's all about propriety
You'll be judged on what you wear
But everyone pretends not to care

Sinking further
Into the depths of Sorrow
Losing faith
It'll be worse tomorrow

You think you can crush me
With your little lies
You think I can't see
What's behind your eyes


Saying goodbye is hard
Losing the people you love
You finally let down your guard
To people you are unworthy of

Please take me away
Save me from my pain
Don't leave me waiting
Wishing, crying and praying

I know that this isn't much
Just a few words in a rhyme
But I hope this cheers you up
And makes this worth your time

I was sweet
I was kind
And in the end
You twisted my mind

When I see you
You make me melt
You give me feelings
I've never felt

I wonder what
It must be like
To be in your shoes
For a day and night

Bombs falling everywhere
The ground exploding around us
Innocent people dying
All of it is pointless

The day I found out
That you had moved on
That was the day
My heart got torn

I'm not like how I was before
You wouldn't even recognise me anymore
I took my past and threw it away
To prove to everyone I didn't need to be saved

Blame me
For your mistakes
I give
While you take

A little girl twirls
Under the starlight
Her frilly dress spinning
Through the dust mites

You really don't know
How much you drive me crazy
Whenever I'm with you
My self control is hazy

What do you do
When your loved ones are gone
When you have no place
To call your own

You misjudge me
Then obey me
When all you really
Do is hate me

We could go and buy the sky
Up and up and up so high
Floating castles and little towns
There will be no place for frowns

Can love really last forever
I know that's what people say
But can you really stay together
Day after day

Alex Kult Biography

I thought it was about time to change my biography. The basics are still the same - I was born in Romania on the 13th of june,1994, which every few years is black friday. I moved to Australia a few years back. Even though I've been here for a while now, I still have a wicked accent ;) I think I've changed a lot since my last bio. I've also changed the way I write poems. Usually now I write poems while listening to music. If a song inspires me or some of the lyrics catch my attention, I write a poem: P if you look hard enough I bet you could guess a few of the songs :) I'm working towards one day getting a book published with my poems. I don't know if it'd be very popular, but I kind of want to do it so years from now my children can read them and keep them, you know? So yeah, anyway, I really hope you enjoy my poems. I know there's a lot, but if you take the time to read a few, I'm sure you'll like them :) and if you don't then that's fine. You don't have to read them. And if you do like them, feel free to send me a message and tell me :) or give me advice. I'm always open to criticism.)

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I'll sing along
To all the words
Quietly enough
To not be heard

By anyone
Except for you
And maybe, just maybe
You'll sing along too

I'll take your hand
And spin you around
And sweep your feet
Off the ground

And when I lean
To whisper too
My words will be
I love you

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