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You said it
I listened
You meant it
I took it to heart.

If you love someone
Tell them
If not!
Don't play with their feelings.

He's sweet, with a splash of kindness
Nothing can separate me from my Angel!
No one knows who he is!
He lies in the shadows.

Your face is so loving
When you look at me.
Your kiss is what I love the most,
Why can't you see that.

It's not your fault
For my down fall
Please forgive me
It's my fault for falling

I didnt mean to hurt you.
You want forgive but it hurts.
I want to you to forgive
So I say to you i am sorry.

People and kindness!
Why are we so mean?
I want to know why!
But one of the best thing,

Can kill you with their girlfriends
Or boyfriends.
So if you do have one,

Good-bye my love
I will miss you forever
Why can't you stay forever

(Warning-This poem is based on true feeling for a guy.)
So your looking at me with those eyes.
And I wonder what your thinking?
I am wanting to know how you feel about me.

Hush, hush
Can you keep a secret?
If you can then do it.
I can for awhile,

What would you do if i loved you?
Well that Stupid
Why but if dont love me than back off.


Is everywhere surounding me
Hidden in every exchange
Huge, annoying, viscious, impossible

Kisses are love
Love is like a joke
In the world.
No one knows it.

Why is love here?
Why do people want it so bad?
Maybe it's just something to do?
Who knows maybe its by the World's standards

Is it me?
Cuz I have no idea.
Please tell me
If I have hurt you.

You hate me
I hate you
Can't you see that
We can't be together.

I love you,
I know that
You love me too.
This is why I have


Why can't you see,
That I love you.
If you love me than
Say that you love me.

Why can't you see
I am the one
For you and you say 'NO.'
But when I look at your eyes

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Love? ? ? That's what I am in right now! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! but now nothing is going right in my love life people hate me for not loving them. Email me

The Best Poem Of Alex Lees

I Thought You Loved Me?

You said it
I listened
You meant it
I took it to heart.
You were gone the next day.
You never said Good-Bye.
I waited for you.
You never came.
I gave up.

You never call
I kissed you
It never was good enough.
I will Always love you!

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J K Roseline 18 April 2014

Hi Alex, That was so beautifully put. It was indeed straight from the heart, Loved it JKRoseline- poet Author'sden

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