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She will never see the sunrise.
She will never see the flowers grow, and she will never see the beauty of a masterpiece.

Even though she is blind she sees more than most.

Badly beaten she stands strong.
Though her speech falters, confidence rings in every word.

'Never again will you do this to me'. She vows.

get away from the fears
runaway from the years of tears and pain
leave this place behind

The pictures of you and him will fade
The relationship you had with him will wilt away
Memories that cloud your mind now
Will haunt you forever


Abandoned toys.
A childhood lost forever.
Innocence left long ago.


I'm lost in a deep sea.
And I can't find myself.
I'm barely breathing now.
And my mind won't think for itself.


Sitting in this dark room
My fears come to life

Me being alone


Beating breathlessly her weak and fragile heart fails her.

Her head hangs low.
Letting the tears fall to the ground leaving a small puddle.

Crimson skies reign over this dark night.

Blood oceans splash over the white sand.
Spreading it's treachery over the land.

To much to do, to little time to do it.
Life moves fast keep up push through it.

Don't wait for the green light, don't stop at the red.

The world is dying it will go to hell.
Your soul will burn it the depths down there.

My sins bury me with the damned on earth.


Lay with me under the stars.
Be with me under the moon.

Promise me a forever within a lifetime.


Shh time for sleep
Oh and how it is such a sweet release
In your dreams all your wishes come true
Become a kid again remember the sky so blue

No more fussing
Stop that cursing
Can't you see that everything's alright
The suns out the sky's blue there's not a cloud in sight

I hate the way he makes me feel
I hate that he's become my ideal.

His touch sends shivers down my spine

The words i'd been hiding for days
escape from their iron clad cage and into the silent night
I watch them as they flow from behind my lips
unable to stop them or slow them down

Soaring through the sky
going where I please.

Caring about nothing


The medication does nothing for me
It still hurts so much inside.
The pain I feel is like a never ending rain
I wish for a drought to end this pain.

I fear the looks
The awful stares
You'll see me different
Once you know

You were my baby just for a little while.
I was your love just for a little while.

We were two intities longing to become one.

Alexander Hale Biography

though my writting doesn't show it i am a very happy person. i started writing years ago as an outlet. i continue to write today because it has become my life, while everything else has become the outlet.)

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She will never see the sunrise.
She will never see the flowers grow, and she will never see the beauty of a masterpiece.

Even though she is blind she sees more than most.

She will never hear a lovers laugh.
She will never hear the majestic cry of an eagle, and she will never hear the sound of her own voice.

For she is deaf, but she hears what others won't say.

She is blind and she is deaf, but she understands more than you and I.
While you feel sympathy for her she feels sorry for you.

For you will never know what a silent sunrise feels like.
You will never experience life the way she is able to.
She feels sorry for you because you have lost your sense of wonder.

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