Alexander Shaumyan Poems

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What Is A Poet?

What is a poet but a drunken fool-
a pitiful being that staggers through
local taverns, pathetic and mad,
muttering gibberish to the masses,

How Do I Love Thee?

I love you more than all the bull
That you'd been telling me,
I love you more than all those guys
That you had shagged for free,

The Times They Are A-Changin'

(for Bob Dylan)

Come gather 'round hippies
Wherever you roam

To The Masters Of Pretentious Verse

Write what you will,
But your lines do not impress -
Your metaphors, hyperboles
And anaphoras do not contribute

Pretty Girls Don'T Take Hallucinogenic Substances, They Are

Pretty girls don't take hallucinogenic substances, they are,
Pretty girls are like ether clouds inflating and deflating male egos,
Sometimes they give you a real cocaine high,
Making you feel like a millionaire executive of General Motors,

Take This Body

Take this body, my love,
my body, my love,
feel my knees and my arms,
feel my fingers on your hair,
cold fingers, sad fingers,
kiss my mouth, my love,

Jesus Burger

Feeling spiritually hungry,
I stopped by at an
Internet writers' joint,
Where I was served with

Kentucky Girl

Yes, you are, yes, you are, my love,
You're my lovely Kentucky girl.

I Love You

I love you-
Do you remember how it was

Down The Rabbit Hole Of Mathematical Uncertainty

Down the rabbit hole
We go and go,
Following infinite
Decimal rows