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A Thought Of You

A thought of you
Brings happiness to my soul.
I close my eyes to paint you
In my dreams, but

The Wind Whispers

The wind whispers a cold tune,
A sense of loneliness fills the air.
The unkindness of the world
Echoes through my mind.

.5 Child

I don’t buy him clothes

How I See Myself

this is my first piece of writing that started my love of writing. I hope you enjoy it

As I sit here contemplating my life, I see three different people. First, I see the little boy who was scared to do anything wrong in his father's eyes. I am the little boy who was so eager to grow up and not have to answer to anyone. I see the young boy making grown-ups decisions. I am the young boy becoming a father, seeing his baby for the first time, ready and willing to do whatever is needed for his family. Despite all efforts, the effects of having children too early take its toll on the young father and his family. Eventually the father becomes a single parent. I see the young father realize that he is no longer the eager little boy. As the years pass the father sees his baby grow. I see the father being there with his child for the first day of school and being the only father in a room full of mothers, the black sheep of this family. I see the father rubbing his son's stomach when it hurts, cheering up his son when he is sad and when his son has a cut, the father cleans it and puts a band-aid on it and even gives the kiss, that makes it feel better. So looking back, I see that I will always be that eager little boy who is now both father and mother.


I have heard
backhanded compliments,
lubricated words,

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Orencia Pemberton 14 November 2006

these poems are quite interesting, my fave is warmth and illumination

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I am single father/fulltime student. I am going to school for business so I may one day open my own business. I just enjoy my poems and especially other peoples poems.

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