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Born in 1973, Alireza Behnam is an Iranian poet and journalist. He is living in Tehran and works as a journalist in liberal local newspapers. He is also a poet and you can see some translations of his poems on this site. He also writes down some criticism about cinema and literature.

In 1991 he attended Islamic Azad University at northern city o ...

Alireza Behnam Poems

Over The Windows

Drifting shadows
over the windows
my ethereal form
in their hands


What a joy is my day what a joy
when Karl Waters sings
lambs of the crying out of dizziness
make an Ascent


Standing over the windows
they rob
our dreams
opening a window to our dreams

Hanging From The Trees Of Babylon

At the end
Ill come down
in my a thousand years form
hanging from the towers of Cheghazanbil

Drive, The Same Drive

Suddenly, we made new drives
and a new rooster
which named 'war' as 'drive'
and crashes of the globe went too much

Alireza Behnam Comments

Faraway Tree 26 December 2005

i don't know if i've ever read such beautiful poetry, you're a genius, i love it.

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