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My painful flesh mechanism
Feels like tiredness from hard work
Swollen eye, results of thorough bash.
Clenched fists completed the chore

Cries of an orphan

I am wretched and breathless,
Panting with the exhaustion of such a thing called life


If it's something drastic
Authentic answers need to surface

Blow by blow

Who would stand for antagonism and fall for it
Do the unimaginable and prosper through that differentiable valor


born to be free spirited
bound by nature,

a wintry night

dusk skips early
a dark page of invisible cold spears

A tango

Two cannot dance together unless they have agreed
Dance with me until the sun is up

Bad luck
My heart is throbbing fast.
My fate is robbing hash.



Thursday 12 September 1985,
Time to uproot though not a destroying way.

Looking back
To tears moulding lifetime streams
Love that knew no boundary
Spasms of pain chained to balmy hearts

My silence remains a book of romance
Temper with it and I give clearance

It's playing on the shores of a deep sea.


Close within clutches of my heart
It's far, million miles the reach of the sky


What do we have?
Billion corrupt minds

Breaking the spell

Begetting the fire of hell
The devil himself stirring and throwing fireballs



Here and sorrowful
Gazelles spring pasture of spring


Taking flight
Tiredof fight

A remnant shall return

Throw this needle into the dune
Bow, a decent man will find the season of June

Get lost

Lost be found
Host be happy


A devotion won't make me a saint
An emotion of taint

Song to my enemies

Smile with nothingness to show for it
Not rivalry but acquaintanceship often deceive

Alison Mujati Biography

To whom it may concern Alison Mujati the Author of Three Circles (Life, love& hurt) is two faced but certainly not a monster. Just like everyone else i have enemies and at the the same time have wonderful friends. If i have one face, one body stature why do folks have assorted feelings towards me. I could be likeable the same way I can be a villain to everyone rather than to stand in blue and red corner like in a boxing match. I came to the world to win, no one must stop me come what may. Now the the spotlight is on me because you read this far let's start all over again. Alison is a proud father of two girls, Alynn and Alyssa born in Harare during the reign of controversial leader Robert Mugabe. I lost my mother at a tender age but lived to her principles upto date and im grateful to have experienced a brief life with her. She taught me to read and write taking over from my primary teachers'base. My mother read me bible stories and related life to it hence i inherited her teaching to relate my challenging life from then. Things turned sour when my mother was divorced and my comfort manoevred into a mess. I'm not necessarily pointing fingers but life ceases to be fun when parents separate. Three years later she passed on The rest about early life you can imagine Primary and secondary education went under turbulance but by grace and a sharp mind I overcame. I lacked funds to persue tertiary education but had everything it takes to excel there. My passion to write grew immediately when I finished my A'level way back in 2006.The same year I lost a father and almost everything about me went against me. To escape my stress, I resorted to writing with most of those scribbles being my sentiments. I remember trying to write a novel but failed to accomplish it due to other challenging commitments. Writing became a witch who just wouldn't burn for me. It grew to be a demon that wakes me up even from deep sleeps in the middle of the night. I write poetry about love because I think Love binds the world if applied correctly. I see mankind and see a family not this racial nonsense the world is still struggling with in the 21st century. It's not like people chose to be black, white or yellow. No one has power over his or her race we all came to it blindly. Therefore, let's live like it's never there. My poem on this platform, WE ARE STILL A FAMILY clearly illustrates our right to live together as one. Out of life experiences, I come out with poem titles and use other people's lives as case studies to my poems too. I have two novels awaiting publication, THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY and ACROSS THE RIVER. The right time is always the best. A writer is the loneliest person in the world, dont ask me about friendship. After work daily, I have to be on either reading or writing. Im a soccer fanatic being a Manchester United fan, I have to be glued on my television set every weekend watching the Premier League. I enjoy banter on social media teasing rival fans in case their teams lost on the game week. Trust me I catch feelings when we lose but there is always another time. My aspirations is to become a world figure with what I write and leave a lasting legacy even after death. Life is a great teacher, it will never leave anyone uneducated. Alison Mujati to)

The Best Poem Of Alison Mujati

Black Eye

My painful flesh mechanism
Feels like tiredness from hard work
Swollen eye, results of thorough bash.
Clenched fists completed the chore
A heavyweight champ celebrates victory.
Hardcore practicing on a defenceless woman

Pothole pools of blood adorn the floor
One more trial would formulate a river
Name my crimes one after the other.
Silence solves not my agony

Marijuana smell chokes me
I resent alcohol to death
With them I'd seen red
Something for change
Without them I've known peace

Look how haggish I've become.
My appearance oppose my real age
I'm called with elderly names
What a shame within my age group folks?
The weep ravaged me black and blue
I know no peace trying to remember countless scars over my skin

I see you smile sometimes looking at me
Never seen shame in your bullish eyes
I feign in fear the beast in you may return

A marriage is no boxing ring
A marriage is no politics of scorpion king
A marriage is no story of traumatized wife
A marriage is a definitionof pure love and peace

I hate husband phobia
I hate multiple scars
I hate this black punched eye.

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Dope i give you ten

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lorna du toit 07 January 2018

a collection of life poems

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Zayne shalim 31 December 2017

A set of good art keep the spirit

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tim robinson 28 April 2018

great zeal, great faculty, , the future is bright my bro

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Thobekile mbokazi 28 January 2018

A set of good art

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Stephen kunyedah 19 July 2020

Keep it up my bro well done

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Zodwa mpofu 29 May 2020

Your poems are awesome thanks for sharing

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Arthur Bernstein 18 May 2020

I had NEVER read any poem by Alison Mujati. Nor had I ever heard of her before receiving an email today (5/18/2020) . I can't understand why she fingered me out. Arthur Bernstein

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Fiona combs 07 October 2019

A set of beautiful poem, thanks for sharing

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Shingirai tandi 06 May 2019

The articulation simply leaves a surprised with energy...arise

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Alison Mujati Quotes

Life if a great teacher it will never leave anyone uneducated.

The best way to keep a secret is not to conceal it but to lie.(allywamujati)

If they cannot change for your ways, do not change for theirs too.(allywamujati)

A poem is a deep thought and long story put together in few words

Scars do not mean i am a vanquished man but strong enough to stand whatever life throws at me.

True love wins with real feelings rather than sympathy

I would rather stay sober in personality than getting drunk in attitude.

It's futile to laugh at those who can't because you can.Fate has been kind to you the same way it hasn't been to them.

Do not laugh at those who can't because you has been kind to you the same way it hasn't to them.

good fate awaits, present hardship must drive to it and not to be the reason to obstruct it.

We are who we are, remember that. No praise or curse can change our identity

The silhouette of every silence has talking voices and loudest screams hidden behind a vail

The trick isn't in handwriting but the sense in the cursive, did you find diamond in the rubble?

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Alison Mujati Popularity

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