All 4 God

All 4 God Poems

1. No Happy Ending 2/5/2009
2. Heartbreak 2/28/2009
3. Caleb 4/9/2007
4. Best Friends 3/18/2008
5. Just Let It Be 11/21/2006
Best Poem of All 4 God

Best Friends

Darkness comes in different ways
It can portray a smile that simply fades.
We nod our heads and say everything is fine
when what we are doing is screaming on the inside.
We cut, we smoke, we drink, we puke
thats how we handle our issues.
We want a way out we really do but
what were going to need is you.
To stand by us when we trip and fall
to remind us not to lose it all.
You are the one that can crack the wall and finally let the light shine through. Isn't that what best friends do?
Your here for me and I'll be there for you
So we can live the life God ...

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