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You Said So

You said you loved me but, you lied
You said I’d be happy yet, you made me cry
You said our love was strong
But you’ve been gone for so long

Faded Memories

I see your face every time I hear a sad song
As our sacred sun reaches its zenith
Leaving nothing but dust and bones beneath
The faded memories are merely melancholic

Tell Me So

Tell me what goes on inside your head
When you’re lying all alone in your bed
Tell to what beat your heart beats to
So mine can be just like yours

Back Through Time

I’d give anything to go back through time
I’d break the piggy bank and surrender every dime
To again re-live all the past, precious moments
Go back when I got my first kiss

My Sweet Mary

I knew a gal named Mary
So pretty and always feeling merry
As a fact, she could have auditioned as a fairy
So along came Big John and popped her cherry

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22 year old hailing from the Seychelles.I am into books, chess, foot-ball, Manchester united, tennis, music, movies, technological gadgets, nature pics, classic games, literature and poetry.I also like Greek mythology and astronomy even though i don't understand it that much.
If anybody wants to chat about these subjects you can e-mail at anytime.Also i want to improve my poetry so add tips while commenting on any of my poems.Thank you.That will be all.
Kind regards to you

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