Allie Nicole

Rookie (Kentucky / Leitchfeild, Kentucky)

Allie Nicole Poems

1. Mother! 7/28/2012
2. Me And You.. 7/29/2012
3. In Love! 7/29/2012
4. Promise Me! 7/29/2012
5. My Bestfriend! 7/29/2012
6. Teenagers! 7/29/2012
7. True Love Is When 7/29/2012
8. Is This Your Way? 7/29/2012
9. Your The Reason Why! 7/29/2012
10. You'Ll Never Understand. 10/1/2012
11. Your Always The One. 10/1/2012
12. When I First Met You. 10/1/2012
13. I'Ll Always Remember. 10/1/2012
14. I Miss You! 7/29/2012
15. I'M Sorry 7/28/2012
16. Forever & Always 7/26/2012
17. I Miss You Bestfriend. 10/1/2012
18. 10 Years 7/29/2012
19. Dont Use Me! 7/29/2012
20. Friendship Is 7/29/2012
21. Know That I Care! 7/29/2012
22. Have You Ever? 7/26/2012
Best Poem of Allie Nicole

Have You Ever?

Have you ever?
Have you ever lived my life?
Spent one minute in my shoes?
If you haven't tell me why,
You judge me as you do?
Have you ever woken up one day,
And wondered if it was your last day on earth?
Have you ever left your house?
Unsure if you'd return?
Have you ever seen your friend?
Get shot outside his favorite store?
On drugs he hasn't used before?
Have you ever seem you friend die,
Have you ever seen you mom get beat?
By your step dad messed up on booze?
Well guess what? I have!
Have you ever had an unwanted pregnancy? ...

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I'M Sorry

im sorry for all toughs times,
i lost my temper,
for all the times i was rude,
for all the gifts that was giving,
and never received thank you's,
for all toughs times you were patient,
a vertiue that i lack,
im sorry to all toughs people,
to whom i was so cruel,

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