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A Truth Amid Persuasion

Chirping there, and there,
but never here.
Still, if I am still inside,
the snow bunting will alight on this silver bough.


Not born with a silver spoon in my mouth,
You did place a cultured pearl in my hands.
And so from this sweet irritation,
The good of humanity glows that much more

Slide Rule

Weigh well the price of new perspectives.
They cannot be drawn without the vanishing point.
Even pain clawing in it's jealous rage
Does snarl and bite against it's pull.

Winter Is First Born

Babes nude and baldly
Their cries crack from sleep like wind snapped twigs.
Imploring the stark sky for her
She rushes, hushes


Leaves do not take a hint
That they enchant trees no more-if they ever did.

Instead, trees yawn in ennui

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Ohood Al.shabibi 09 April 2012

nice poems strong feelings well organized wish u all the luck

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