Mehta Hasmukh Amathaal Almighty Poems

Do The Almighty Feel

Do the almighty ever feel?
About our bad conduct?
I feel yes and have some ground
To corroborate with a logic so sound

Wish Of Almighty

It was obliged on my part
To be always a dream and part
But I failed to understand
Why moon disappeared as friend?

One Almighty

One almighty

Sunday, February 4,2018
6: 27 AM

Hands Of Almighty

Decision must be taken fast
Moments even should not last
That is quickness of a alert person
Not even wink should be taken for slight reasons

Thank Almighty

Freedom is not to let birds free
Open the cage and make them to flee
Towards sky with strong wing
An open space to open mouth and sing

Almighty Is Kind

Almighty is kind enough
With all to have last laugh
Not to worry for immoral acts
But later on providing chance to realize fact

The Wish Of Almighty

Life is like beautiful garden
Where colorful flowers are given
To adore its beauty in open
And show that it is real heaven

Almighty's Land

“I want to visit your world”
“Can I go back to same fold”?
One of soul requested almighty
“Beware! Not to feel pity” God warned

No Reprieve- An Almighty

No reprieve -An almighty
Saturday,9th May 2020

No, No. I shall not pardon

From An Almighty

It is human tragedy
That we suffer already
Still take no lesson
For what so ever reasons

Gift From Almighty

No one can define actual poetry
It is simple gift from almighty
No one can claim high on it
Not everybody can excel or fit

Next To Almighty

No one can beat
No one can greet
No one can create
Such position to relate

Role Of An Almighty

Life is endless
That brings on our face
The joy and sadness
Amidst mad chase

Powerful Almighty

Powerful almighty

Hate no one
Even if love has gone

Work Of An Almighty

Work of an almighty
Thursday,10th June 2021

It is the work of an almighty

Supreme Power-An Almighty

Supreme power-An almighty
Monday,31st May 2021

O God, Omnipresent

Special Choice- An Almighty

Special choice- An almighty
Saturday,29th May 2021

I am really indebted

No Role-An Almighty

No role -Almighty
Wednesday,22nd April 2020

O, ignorant human beings

For Almighty

The almighty could not do
And prove true
That he is only one
And creator to be known

Almighty Is One

You need not be confused
My existence is never refused
From time to time the question has been raised
Yet the hard core criminals have also praised

Forgive Me Oh, Almighty

My heart is filled with grief and pain
Tears rush in eyes for something to explain
The voice is choked as eyes refuse to believe
I just stay in silence for pain to relieve

Graced By Almighty

It was unique night for me to spend with anxiety
It was first time that I was graced by almighty
I was long time that I was expecting arrival of baby
I did experience it today as it might have been felt by man

Oh, Almighty

Oh almighty, O ruler of whole universe
I kept on smiling without tears
I heard the blessing coming through ears
Strengthening my belief for coming years

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