Oh, Almighty Poem by Mehta Hasmukh Amathaal

Oh, Almighty

Rating: 3.5

Oh almighty, O ruler of whole universe
I kept on smiling without tears
I heard the blessing coming through ears
Strengthening my belief for coming years

If individual’s perception is taken into account
Then there is lot more to think and count
I am gifted with precious body
Considered most lucky as not to have with anybody

You are always messiah for others
Even if not then try to become and offer
Able and very strong to counter any threat
Kind heart to meet good people and greet

Nice face with glittering eyes
Feeling unhappy with people’s anger and cries
Mind bogs down with human sufferings
Nothing is left with for handful offerings

The heaven is at your feet
Its impact is felt when you meet
The words and holiness spread across
When you raise hands and offer the rose

Flowers offer fragrance with magic spell
You need not to speak at length and tell
The heavenly bodies hang above
You are like star on earth and move

When divine light take refuge in body
It is illuminated with light and felt by everybody
The heaven is down and at your feet
The curses and plight go off when people come and meet

It is not the magic or any kind of hypnotism
It is not related to any faith or merely”ism”
It is powerful thrust generated by noble acts
The kind heart that resides in you as a matter of fact

You have suffered it and endured
You conquered it and not procured
You found the reasonable way to benefit the humanity
You made it known in side you there exists divinity

It would have been wrong on your part to assume it as God
It would have been called treachery or simple fraud
It was not the matter for deceiving others for own interest
It was to be used for complete world for the best

What can be considered better or best?
If that is considered as critical or acid test
The nobility has found its way for very good use
The human body has been used without any abuse

No one can be taken for sure
But his or her acts can assure
They have made right use of what almighty has offered
It is used to large extent for humanity even though differed

The mild heart of the body is as good as steel
It can rob of your all pain and steal
You feel great relief from the burden
When it starts acting noble all of sudden


Mehta Hasmukh Amathaal

Vadali, Dist: - sabarkantha, Gujarat, India
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