Ramesh T A Almighty Poems

Our Great Tribute To The Almighty!

Introspection and retrospection leading to a composition of poem
Really it's a nice way of creativity with richness making it a prolific
Out pouring of ideas revealing erudition and expansion of mind
To a broad-way of life and an intellectual indulgence in creativity

The Almighty Nature!

We are all slaves of Nature forever;
For, Nature rules the hearts of all!
None can escape from Nature as birth
and death of life are in its control!

All Praises Go To The Almighty!

Singing bird sang songs for long
News soon became history and

Hard Work, Talent, Genius And Almighty!

Strong body helps one do hard work to do duties and get satisfaction ever;
Same things talented one does cleverly sans using strength to finish better still;
But creative work a genius does to do all things better than all as achievement ever;
Above all, the Almighty beautifully and perfectly out of love does all as miracle sure!

Know And Do According To The Will Of Almighty!

Stars are lights of the Universe everywhere in the endless Space endless in all directions;
it is futile to know the ultimate going in one direction as it is limitless left, right, up and down;
Constellations are the mythological symbols of great souls manifested for their valours;
Like the Aliens called extraterrestrials, humans have come from the Universal Spiritual Energy!

Almighty The All In One God!

How would be like Almighty protecting God?
Vision of the famous God who protects all
Humans and Gods everywhere is a grand
Mixture of animal, human and divine in one!

Sans The Sanction Of Almighty None Can Shine In Art!

Lifting up one's status in profession and life by a selfless friend Is rare to find in the world full of competition in all walks of life;
Such a one has to be duly honoured through out in the life time sure;
In the absence of such a help, only the Almighty can do so forever!

Indeed Reflection Of Almighty Is Nature!

All beautiful, artistic and lively works are in Nature;
Best and beneficial things are free in Nature forever;
Compensation for all losses in life one gets in Nature;
Description about Nature is endless and needs still more!

Love Of The Almighty!

Love of the Almighty!

The cool, beautiful sunset reminds me of the Almighty's love of beauty sure;
The Almighty activates all things in the Universe as Universal Spiritual energy;

The Living Power Of Almighty!

Space, air, fire, water and matter are elements
Nature manifests itself as its forces of power to
Make all realize the existence of Almighty ever!

Almighty's Romantic Will!

My God, I worship, is a romantic Almighty,
A greatest friend, philosopher and guide!
He shows love no one can show in the world!
He gives help no one can give at any time!

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