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I sat down
settled in my spirit
and watched in silence
As the flame licked the page

The complete and utter chaos has stopped now
but for a moment
As we seek the next battle to be won
We march on

A voice is echoing through and billows
Traveling a distance that cannot be reached on mere feet
The cry has sounded forth
The knock has reached my door

It seems like forever
yet so short a time
seeing your smiling face in the day
Whispering Good-bye in the cold night

As I walk into your glorious temple
I am overtaken in my perceptions
Admiring the beauty of the precious gems glistening the walls
And awed by the majesty of the pillars set in their strength

I do not receive testimony from man
on what my life should be
for it was man who trod me under foot
and lost all hope on me

Faith has eyes and she can see
She can peer through the darkness
and behold the brightness of his glory
She removes the veil from off of his face

As I turn to look around me all I see is death
And I shed a tear for those who’ve fallen
and keep marching on in my stead
It’s ironic how many have died on this road that leads to eternal life

When I look back from the end of my life
Will I see love and peace
Or bitterness and strife
Will I be looking down from a mountain

A voice has uttered
My ears could not receive it
My spirit trembles
And strength is muttered

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Well what can I say about myself other then my testimony which is all that I am I have had a rough past but I don't let that rule me I have made some very bad choices in my life but I learn from them all. I do my best to enjoy every single day of my life because I never know when I'll draw my last breath while at the same time trying to make it count for somthing. I don't try to live a life pleasing to others and I strive everyday to not be so focused on pleasing myself but I try to live a life pleasing to God because lets face it he's given me all I have and without him I am nothing. Sure I make alot of mistakes but I'm trying and eventually I'll get it right. please stop by and check out my site http: //

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Who Am I?

I sat down
settled in my spirit
and watched in silence
As the flame licked the page
Devouring the old and starting a new
page of my life
Consuming the bondage that once held so tight
I’ve been freed
For my past,
Can no longer haunt me
You see
The timeless words of a true testimony
Are not written with ink
But with blood and sweat
How can we behold the brightness of his glorious light
Unless contrasted against the darkness of night
How can we appreciate the hand of him
who lifts us up and pulls us out
Unless we were first abandoned after being cast down
In all these things I do rejoice
For you reveal your love to me
As a fragrant perfume
Sweet smelling
Vanquishing the stench of desolation
My head is lifted up
And my eyes can behold your hope
I refuse to be discouraged
when I have you
as an anchor for my soul
Make me a reflection of your light
the beauty of your ways
Help me to walk by faith
not by sight
as I stumble amongst the grave
Your hand brings me courage
Your love gives me comfort
From age to age
you remain the same
Please don’t be wearied by me
though I plead and cry
Let me know you
and in your eyes
Who am I?
Tell me Lord I pray,
How many olives had to be crushed?
To make this vile of oil
Used to anoint the head of your child
Destruction and death
To create new life
To be honored so greatly
Who am I?
The clouds have their gathering over my head
And I cannot see the sun
My eyes behold
Seeds buried in the desert,
Hedged in with stones
For refuge I run
Have I caused you pain?
Dearly beloved of my soul
Please don’t hide from me your face
Forgive me I pray
Without you what is life?
If I cannot have you
Who am I?
For you define
Who my soul longs to be
Where would I go?
If I did not have your words to shape me
To whom could I turn?
And who would I be?
Would you allow another to destroy me?
Please make me the perfection of your praise
An everlasting testimony of your grace
For your name’s sake.

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