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Once you have lost him
What will you do?
Cry, or hold yourself together
With all the pain your hearts going through

</>Knowing you’re out there so close to me
Yet not close enough to touch and face
Is a burden beyond explaining itself
It’s as if fate is teasing my very being

Time and time again I fell for your lies
But this time around I won’t let it slide
You have gone too far with this
And now I’m putting a stop to it

Life is full of mysteries
Inside of everyone lies a secret
Very few people realize life isn’t easy
Everyone goes through rough times

Losing you would be like losing my self!
Our souls are in sync
Yet you’re blind and can’t see that!
But you can feel it.

Why must she always hide in the shadows?
Peering around her smile playing pretend
Running from her fears, that are shooting at her like arrows
Yet there always has to be a dead end

this is more of a little part of a story of my life...not a happy one either...its a lil long

Feeling of dread
Lost in a world of confusion and pain
Not knowing what to do anymore
Hurt from the unknown

When all the songs are over
And all the words have been said
The sun grows dim across the sky
And the world prepares for bed

People say a lot of things
Some are hurtful others are complements
Some have meanings others don’t
But in the end their all just words

Thought I would never see your smile again
You moved things inside of me
And left
Left with no word

What you do when all you can think about is giving up
Everyone around you have given up
So why not me
Why do I have to fight to live when they don't

Think now, think offend
That you are blessed
But remember always
That you are loved

People think that life is easy
That they can do whatever they want
But their wrong, completely wrong
They miss read things of life

Silent and eerie
Like the dark
Is the background in my heart
Tender and raw is the surface

You’re the one who helps me through hard times
The shoulder that holds me up
You give me confidences,
When I have none

Love is nothing without feelings nor actions
It takes both to feel what I feel for you
Love is filled with mixed emotions
That I hope never make me feel blue

When one dreams, love can be a fairy tale
But in reality, love is known to be unpredictable
It can be hidden under a veil
Proving to us that love is unexplainable

Now you’ve come looking for me,
But it’s my turn to turn the other way
Just like you did years ago
Now it’s your turn to feel the pain you left with me

Have you ever wondered if you were loved …?
Have you ever wondered that a glance that someone gives you is love or hate …I have
Have you ever wondered if a person you see every day is the one …?
Have you ever wondered what are thinking about you …?

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Broken Heart

Once you have lost him
What will you do?
Cry, or hold yourself together
With all the pain your hearts going through

Will you sink into a cold heartless place?
Or hide your pain deep inside
Will you cry yourself to sleep?
Or hide your pain deep inside

Now that you are missing half of your heart
That he has taken with him
Will you get it back?
Or just keep bleeding deep inside

They won’t see the blood deep within you
But they will sense that your heart is in pain
Cause no matter what the pain radiates off of you
Without you even knowing

Cause no matter how much you try not to show it
It will always be there, buried within her heart
Breaking you down
At just the thought if his name

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