We Remember! Poem by Aloumalove-Alouwou Mandjah

We Remember!

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When the Earthquake struck Haiti, Pat Robertson
the evangelical Christian made an offensive assertion
saying on a broadcast 'Haiti signed a pact with the devil'
shame on you Pat, you've reached the medieval level.
You are ill-mannered, bold face liar, that's bombastic,
disgraceful, idiotic, fame-less pastor, you're Pat-HECTIC
Pat, I do believe a 5th grader know better than you
that Natural disaster has nothing to do with voodoo
Don't underestimate our ancestors' Heroism, cuckoo
You've been caught, we know what you're trying to do
Haiti was the first Colony to dethrone the slaves' masters
Voodoo was the brotherhood against the blood suckers.
in 1791 at Vertières, our forefathers stood up for their rights
make their way through the tunnel, until they saw the light
in 1804 Haiti broke all slavery chains, let the truth be told.
Through a spiritual gathering they reached a common goal
cursed? yes Haiti has been for beating Napoleon's army
Because of capitalism, Haiti stood no chance escape misery
Pat cut it out! Silence speaks louder than looted mind
You've turned senile, Mr. Disrespectful one of a kind.
Pat you're in denial. Haiti has been put through abject poverty
due to divide and concur strategy and international diplomacy
Sir, you've shown the world the malpractice of your minister
please tell me, Is Haiti the only place facing natural disaster?
What about Earthquake in Antioch, Pakistan, Indian Ocean?
Tohoku, Aleppo, Mexico, New Zealand, Tsunami in Japan?
tell me about the devil Sinkholes in Texas, wildfire in California
snow storm in Canada, tornado in your state Georgia
Avalanche in Afghanistan, volcanic eruption in Guatemala
Pat what about Blizzard in New Jersey, Flood in Louisiana?
Landslide in Utah, Dust Bowl in Nebraska, Hurricane in Florida?
what about Cold wave, Heat wave, solar flare hailstorm
drought, limnic erruption, mudslide, killer fog, ice storm
Pat did voodo trap the sun heat and cause global warning,
Climate change and the world social economic squirming?
O, I almost forgot to mention, wildfire and Earthquake in LA
Pat shame on you, wake up and may God bless your USA.
Hope your heart find WISDOM, LOVE and PEACE
and REMEMBER, Natural Disaster is not RACIST!

© Herold Alouwou Mandjah

My answer to Evangelical Christian Pat Robertson when he said on CNN, after the Earthquake struck Haiti in January 12,2010, that " Haiti signed a pact with the Devil"
Edger Bryant 18 September 2019

Nice poem! Thanks for sharing.

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Dr Antony Theodore 21 May 2018

Haiti signed a pact with the devil Pat you've reached the medieval level Come on, fame less pastor that's Pat-hectic.... foolish words spoken by a pastor and your reactions to it dear poet. thank u. tony

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Kevin Patrick 21 May 2018

A politically charged dynamo, that strikes through the absurdities of the Christian hypocrisies, you hit Robertson's viciously vacuous comments on one of the worst tragedies to face that country. this poem is a great call and response, that he would not look on the atrocities that befall his own country, but wag his fingers at another nation rather then give a helping hand shows that he is a stain on humanity. Great Poem!

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Alouwou Mandjah 24 May 2018

Thanks Kevin, Pat is awful and insensate

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Chinedu Dike 21 May 2018

Brave utterances set aside for sober reflection. Really a courageous work of art depicting virtuous hypocrisy, prejudices and bias, colossal misrepresentation of Christianity... Thanks for sharing Alouwou and do remain enriched.

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Alouwou Mandjah 21 May 2018

Thanks and you're welcome Chinedu Dike

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