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Alpha Sanunu Bah was born on the 16th of November,2001, and raised in the Western Part of Freetown, Sierra Leone. He is an important asset in his country's youthful population as he has contributed immensely in academia and other sectors in society. He is a promising young Sierra Leonean and has best been regarded as one of the most influential you ...
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Tell Me A Story
She said 'tell me a story! ',
I told her I knew none,
'Oh quit your fancy folly,
We both know you can be fun.'
On These African Sands
I have been broken, or at least they tried,
they tried to break me, tried to break my past,
put cobwebs in our minds and yellow taints in our eyes,
so as we look out for our brothers we actually looked out for him,
They say birthdays are special days,
so special in many ways,
So we lay hays of wishes and
make praise for riches in health—good health,
Because I Fought Too Hard
Reminiscing the sight of fallen tribesmen
when the barrel of their
guns in those times of thorns
danced to the tune of confusion and scorn.
Once Upon A Time In The Atlantic
Once upon a time in the Atlantic,
She held on to me tight,
The ship was bleeding,
Her cry faint and loud.
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03 June 2021
The world is a beautiful place, full of beautiful people— people that have led beautiful lives and have had gracious encounters. But this world is not all black and white, it's filled with confusion and uncertainty, lies, competition, and deception, and out of these come hatred, fear, disdain and rejection. We hate because our minds refuse to accept those things that are inconsistent with our fundamental needs or ideals; same way we fear on result of the inability of our minds to cognitively program or interpret, to our plain cognizance, things that are unusual or uncertain. Emotions and thoughts are two inseparable things, how or what you feel is greatly influenced by the thoughts you have in your mind— the mind virtually controls how we perceive and interpret everything that surrounds us, be it physical or abstract. To lead a beautiful life you have to first accept the world as it is, you must buy into the realization that the world has different qualities, people are of different beliefs, attitudes and characterization, and everything is on a universal scale. There is no one thing, in natural sense, that exists on its own— because there are good people there are bad ones too, and because there is something called love there's that which is hate, dislike or contempt. Inorder to complement a phenomenon there must be a standard opposite, we live because there is death and we die because there was once life. This is the universal scale upon which the world and nature is balanced, to lead a beautiful life is to get an alternate realization of every psychological or fundamentally held perception.
03 June 2021
The human brain is the most sophisticated device in all of creation, it controls the very essence of life itself. What we see, how we feel, and the extent to which our bodies respond differently to different phenomena and stimuli are all projected by the mind. Things such as love and hate, time, and even the physical construct of one's reality, is the result of a chain of neurological processes figmented by the billions of neurons found in our brains. Our imaginations could go through wavelengths to form innate alternate dimensions within our minds, one can exist and be non-existent. Imagine what civilization would be when our minds evolve to their celestial potential. If God's temple is ever in our bodies, his altar would be in our minds
03 June 2021
WHAT IS POETRY? Poetry is the expression of emotions, thoughts and ideas in an aesthetic language that is meant to appease the senses of its readers. It defines the ability to channel inspiration from every attribute of nature, every character of society and every expression of reality or fantasy. It is the silent voice of an unrequited love, the expression of dreams untold and the rhythm of unsung songs. Poetry is the language that man shares with nature.
04 June 2021
WHAT IS THE SUPERNATURAL? The things we perceive as unnatural are often those to which we cannot ascribe a logical explanation that suitably conform to the laws or normalcy of our physical consciousness. It is most often than not determined by the extent of our knowledge, our understanding of our environment, or our ignorance towards the possibilities of the unknown. There are secrets to the universe yet to be unravel, and more of its nature that we do not yet understand but they are all part of its natural construct. What we consider as supernatural is a mere subjective representation caused by the limited extent of our minds.
04 June 2021
Fascinating how numerous religions, with all their different beliefs and ideas, bank on a single greatest goal—control. Religion controls the way people think which is different from the conventional method of control equated with social and state laws. This, right here, is in many ways a huge problem in most religious constructs. Religion controls how we perceive things, to distinguish between what is good and what is bad, what is acceptable and what is unacceptable; religion practically attaches itself as an element of subconscious evaluation in the minds of people— to those that hold firm the different beliefs. This is good in the prospect of how it furnishes our thoughts to goodwill, however, it becomes a problem when such control weighs more on the conscious mind as opposed to the subconscious. This is what happens in the case of dogmatists, religious fanatics and extremists.


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