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Alvin Word Speaker Tatlhego Poems

1. Can I Forget You? 12/1/2014
2. Caught In Love? 12/1/2014
3. She Denies You To Fail. 12/1/2014
4. Dear Pal Lekzyl 12/1/2014
5. Love Is Not A Ball Game 12/1/2014
6. Alvin I Am The Poet 12/1/2014
7. I Don'T Know 12/1/2014
8. Let Her Be Yours 12/1/2014
9. But Why? 12/1/2014
10. You Are Welcome 12/1/2014
11. Man Of My Word! 12/3/2014
12. Quotes Of Early Dawn! 12/3/2014
13. Threats Of Myth Love 12/3/2014
14. Bullet Of My Valentine 12/3/2014
15. I Swear From This Moment Forth! 12/3/2014
16. Don'T Let Go 12/3/2014
17. Don'T Cry When I Die! 12/3/2014
18. That Moment 12/3/2014
19. The Snow! 12/3/2014
20. The Beauty Of A True Woman 12/3/2014
21. Incline Your Ears To My Sayings 12/3/2014
22. Wave Of The River Bank 12/3/2014
23. Stay Alert Aids Is Real! 12/3/2014
24. I Began To Think 12/3/2014
25. Me 12/10/2014
26. My Cardiac Beat 12/10/2014
27. List Of Words! 12/10/2014
28. Isolated Heart! 12/10/2014
29. Stay Humbled! 12/10/2014
30. If You Take The Ride You Pay The Price Is More Like Rolling The Dice 12/10/2014
31. Dear Love 12/10/2014
32. Twins Of Suffering 12/10/2014
33. Wake Up! 12/10/2014
34. Why Tears? 12/10/2014
35. Dangerous 12/1/2014
36. One Step To The Weapon Against Treachery 12/1/2014
37. If Sheep Was A Loved One! 12/3/2014
38. Sudden Thunder! 12/3/2014
39. Depression Is All I Can'T Cope With 12/10/2014
40. If I Could 12/10/2014

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The Light Of My Life

"The light of my life, your life,
The light of our nation,
We all need this light, to shine the gloomy paths of our lives,
Fathers and mothers ignite it to care for their young ones,
Brothers and sisters run to this light,
To build strong found for their future,
Education the light of my life, our life,
The light of our nation,

If i put off this light, I face a bleak future,
If i keep the light on, I face a bright future,
If i succumb to the pressures of this world,
And indulge in drugs and alcohol abuse,
I knock the prison doors, to ...

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Caught In Love?

"The handcuffs are all around me, I'm like
A tiger in the cage, my friends said I was wrong
But it is the one I have been looking for,
I'm caught in love with the black woman surely
Caught in real love,

My life has flee from sadness to happiness in a
Short duration, even the sky is happy for my arrest,
I gauged hard for the bondage and never gave up,

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