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I fell into the depths of love,
glooming with moonlight.
In moments,
we swayed in the valley.

I keep your smile
close to my heart.
Viz., the divine music of love.
In a moment, our souls unite.

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I'm Amal Jacob, an Indian writer who has been writing with passion since I was an adolescent. Regrettably, the majority of my work has not been published due to a lack of support and drive. My best writing is yet to come, and I returned to it in 2020. I'm now writing a unique science fiction novel. This story is in the right order thanks to my six years of research. The miracles of the planet that defy scientific explanations are connected to my story. The finest aspect of this story, which involves higher dimensions and aliens (the Anunnaki) , is that it serves as a backstory for the pandemic. building a new cinematic universe and chronology. It's a lengthy story. Try to get published in five volumes. instagram - amal_jacob)

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I fell into the depths of love,
glooming with moonlight.
In moments,
we swayed in the valley.
I left wanting, not knowing you are mine.
We entwined our life with a magical ring.
Our life bloomed.

Amidst a romantic moment,
My vigilance was blinded.
The Devil backstabbed me with a
raging trident and stole my soulmate.
A magical ring shielded her from the demons.
The vigor of love upraised me from quietus.

I slew the devil,
with the fiery sword gifted by the almighty.
When mermaids trumpeted,
I liberated the light of my life from hell.
Commanding the ocean with the power of love
A storm surge annihilated the devil's realm.

A new legend blossomed.
Whoever believes in the virtue of legend.
A new era of life enlightens by the light of love.

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Struggles and pain help you discover the meaning and purpose of your life by taking lessons from your mistakes.

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