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Your eye's are brown green
The cutest guy I ever seen
The kindest man with such a big heart
I knew I loved you from the start

I learn a little slower than most
I stutter with a lot of my words I can't
always express what I feel So most the time
I let my feelings go untold

Growing up you were my best friend
The one I knew I could count on through thick and thin
You sheltered me from harm
From you is where I got my charm

Empty chair in a room
Its where i could always find you
Your once loud guitars now hang silent
On the wall

My days would be so foggy yet so blue my thoughts wouldn't make sense without you
You my love your the glue that molds us into two without you there would be no me I would cease to want to even breath if there was a life without you
Your my calm when everything is crazy
Your my laughter when I feel like crying

You spoke to me so very polite instead of being crude or mean
Your such sweet loving soul and that amazing sense of humor its what makes you an irreplaceableguy I've ever seen all the qualities I've longed for until you came along Oh and the way I get butterflies whenever I see your name on my phone screen and my heart just races everytime you call me your Queen
We click so perfectly and baby I promise to always treat you like my king I'll give you lovin's like you've never seen
I finally found joy and felt almost like a teenager again when you asked me to be your girl

A brave and strong man
Once told me be all you can
He helped guide an mold me to who I am
I really do miss that man

We've been friends for a couple years we've listened to each other talk about lost love joys even fears and dried each others tears
We tell each everything no secrets do we have you've watched as guys break my spirits deep down knowing you wanted to be my other half you was fixing to ask me just to give our Lovea try when I told you I met a guy he really wanted me to give him a chance so you held your words back inside
You stepped aside so I could have a chance at finding love and it angered you cause all he did was hurt this woman that you love you watched and listened as I went through feelings of anger and so much pain then you told me that you felt to blame then told me how deep your love me is you adore me always have and will
Your words sound so true and sweet no rush though is what you tell me Long as your happy that's all I need

A child is a miracle
A blessing from god above
I have three he gave to me
I give them all my love

A sparkling ember burns as hot as the sun,
As we will finally lay together our bodies become one.

The Love we share, will last for all time,

she goes to school with bruises
the teachers see but ignore it
she died a few days later her daddy beat her maybe she'd be here
if only someone would of speak up

Meeting you that day 
Has changed my thoughts,  
feelings, changed me 
In how I see myself 


Year's have gone by so fast
Our heart's still ache
I still wish it was a bad dream that I would soon awake from I know it's real I just thought time would heal our shattered hearts
I wish I knew how long this pain will last

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I have 3 boys my 15 year old is autistic I have 12 and 11 years old also i enjoy being a mom and writing poems when I have a lot of feelings weighing on me put my feelings down and making something beautiful out of it seems to help I recommend reading anymore its my very first poem I let ppl read less yet on a site for anyone to judge please leave comments and suggestions if you'd like an I don't get offended by criticism)

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For My True Love

Your eye's are brown green
The cutest guy I ever seen
The kindest man with such a big heart
I knew I loved you from the start
Before you came into my life my heart was broke
I use to think of true love as a joke
You opened my eye's and showed me true love is real
For it only took you to make this heart full an all the wall's dropped your the man that's there to catch me when I fall
Arm's so strong it's where I feel safe
There is no other who can take place

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Amanda Horton 03 September 2017

Thank you Jeremy horsford

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Jeremy Horsford 23 July 2016

You truly write with your heart.

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Live life like another second isn't promised love hard

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