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My heart is open.

Spend time with my subconscious.

Is this the end?

With every breath I am transported to soap
operas of hope & loss. Where I am neither

I made the ultimate sacrifice.

I left with no where to go.

I am black, white, yellow and brown.
I am a quadruped, biped and a triped.
I am physically and mentally challenged.
I am beautiful, adventurous and fierce.

Last night I fell asleep eager, longing to
meet you again in the morning. I awoke to
birds chirping and leaves of the trees
rustling in the wind.

Belief is that half truth, which I was misled
into accepting when my mind was vulnerable
and untrue.

I came to being back when electricity
was an unknown, lightning was act of
God and the thought of explaining
sciences was an attempt at witchcraft.


I'm in the place, just before dreams end
and daily life begins. The place where
evergreen trees are in abundance and the
birds sing.

The sun tears through the heavens and
awakens me to a life beyond living.

My slumber opens the door to dreams

Does it will continue your existence or the end of your existence is upon you?

Does it are about to share light with someone thousands of miles away or you have spent your periodic allocation?

I use you stare at you for days on end.

We use to talk about everything and
nothing. I can still hear your voice,

I scratched the surface, hoping to
find a doorway.

A moment, perhaps? A time, a location.


My mind is imprisoned.

Time has a stranglehold over my existence,
a psychological headlock,

I remember times of love for past loves.
Great loves, passing loves, all loves ending in pain.
Pain, my pain, their pain, friends' pain and families pain.
Too much pain for each individual to bare.

We wandered into the cold dark forest. This
seems a regular occurrence.

With every step the past is relived.

Haven't heard, smelt, or looked upon thee,
since moonlight.

Thy beauty has escaped me, but beauty has


You are the very air I breathe.

Yesterday, I held my breath,
trying to cut you off.

One thousand meets
One thousand heartbeats

One thousand words

Blustery winds blow leaves across the
ground and miniature hurricanes torment
tree leaves.

The theatre of madness besieges me.

Suffocating me with the methodical madness of
the mind beating against absurdity. But some how

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My heart is open.

Spend time with my subconscious.

You are safe here.

Walk with me along the endless sands of time.

Our world is ours to shape.

Time is limited to the imagination. Time's horizon is an after thought.

The galaxies in your eyes represent an infinite journey.

The moment I saw you, we had already lived a lifetime.

Our story will be forever in the minds of future generations.

You will remain in my heart until the end.

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Nathan Coppedge 10 May 2015

I enjoyed The Forest and I Am the Same. I found keen insights, and an above-average use of rhyme. I particularly enjoy the sensation of time travel in The Forest. I'm sorry I don't have more time for your poetry right now, but I will add you to My Favorite Poets.

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In my limited years, I have come to realise that convenience isn't true progress. However, we have made major strides.. One day, we will be free of words such as diversity.

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