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Brother, my brother,
How selfish was I
While you seemed to struggle,
I sat idly by

You act as if you're superior
When your ignorance makes you inferior
You've been complimented one too many times, dear
And wonder why it is no one holds you dear

Who I am...
Is beyond my

Yes, I am THAT kid...
The crazy kid...
The kid who says whatever they want
Without thought to anyone

Sad incident, tragic fate,
You openeth the teary gate
You let loose stories of senseless hate
Before closing again

I should not be concerned with taking pictures of flowers.
Nor picking out flowers for my wedding that may never be.
I should be laying flowers on your grave, so cold, so cold...

I am not your scene queen,
Your emo whiner,
Child of neverending political outrage
I am not your entertainment,

I hate it
Not hating God, that is.
I just hate Religion

I can't seem to help but think...
What's going on?
I say, what's going on
When every morning I wake up fearing for my life

This world is more than dark and light
And there is more than black and white
If you don't color outside the lines
You will remain deaf, dumb, and blind

I'm crashing.
Faster than a jet liner into the Atlantic
And I know something's terribly wrong here
Flying higher than a kite with no medicinal aid

The day is hot, but I'm cold inside
With all this I'm trying to hide
I'm calculating an equation
As to your recent evasion

I finally got that kiss I wanted but would never admit to wanting
Because wanting kisses are crazy and crazy just won't do.
But I got it,
As the rain was falling hard

If I died tomorrow,
Would you still search for me?
Would you still scan the skies
Or look out onto the sea?

I don't write anymore.
It makes me sad like this stain on my teeth
That only shows when I'm smiling.
I'm hoping that my temporary release

I left home
My choice, but the manner was not select
Goodbyes to friends, family, streets, buildings
All familiar...then

'Happy Birthday. I love you.'

It's so unusual that I could say that at midnight tonight and be shooting it out in two different directions. But it makes sense, in a poetically ironic way. I feel like the day I met them was the day I finally split in half.

He always smiled.

Crazy-haired boy with tired eyes
That told the story of his neverending struggle

You kill me...
You know you do
You kill me well
You rip my heart

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Confessions Of A Bound Soul

Brother, my brother,
How selfish was I
While you seemed to struggle,
I sat idly by

Brother, my brother
Yes, try as I might
I now realize
It was also my fight

Brother, my brother
Now look at your arm
It's cold and immovable
Lost all its charm

Brother, my brother
Now look at your leg
There's so much left missing
Yet not once did you beg

Brother, my brother
Though I lost more in mass
It is you far more haunted
By our mistakes in the past

Brother, dear brother
Listen when I say
I will stick by your side
Until this goes away

Brother, dear brother
Listen when I say
I will stick by your side
Until our final day

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Elvia Mendez 08 October 2011

I love your poems i am a fan

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Sudhir Matey 07 February 2011

What U write for brother is amazing, i just cried, by remembering my childhood, My elder brother, is just same as U express brother in ur poem. Thanks,

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