Amanda Saveley

Rookie (December 29,1987 / Omaha, Nebraska)

Amanda Saveley Poems

1. The Plunge 1/27/2006
2. Invisible 1/27/2006
3. I Don'T Blame You 1/27/2006
4. Support Groups 1/27/2006
5. Yeah, I Know... 5/8/2006
6. I Remember 5/8/2006
7. That Girl 6/19/2006
8. The Hardest Part 6/19/2006
9. Another Dose Of Emotional Morphine 10/13/2006
10. Nameless 10/13/2006
11. Fell In Love With An Angel 10/13/2006
12. A Final Resolution 11/22/2006
13. How To Be One's Own Floatation Device 11/22/2006
14. Memories Again 11/22/2006
15. Her 11/22/2006
16. The Expense It Takes To Retrieve That Which Was Lost 11/22/2006
17. Breathing In With The Memories 11/22/2006
18. Memories 11/22/2006
19. Assume Nothing 11/22/2006
20. Lost In Translation (Como Se Dice...) 11/22/2006
21. Games 11/22/2006
22. Time And Change 11/22/2006
23. A Question In The Male Genetics 11/22/2006
24. Just...Words? 11/22/2006
25. Running Up That Hill 11/22/2006
26. All I Want 11/22/2006
27. A Moment Of Weakness 11/22/2006
28. God Is Out To Lunch, Please Take A Number 11/22/2006
29. His Hands... 6/19/2006
30. O, Who Is Thus Shone From Light To Darkness 6/19/2006
31. Won'T You Leave Me With A Scar? 6/19/2006
32. Paper Cranes 6/19/2006
33. Love, I Have Hated You 6/19/2006
34. Love Is Not Here, Please Leave A Message 6/19/2006
35. How? 11/22/2006
36. An Interesting Way To Die 12/20/2006
37. Searching For Meaning In Words 12/20/2006
38. It's You 2/9/2007
39. Who Makes You? 2/9/2007
40. Cartography Of A Relationship Almost Lost 2/9/2007
Best Poem of Amanda Saveley

Confessions Of A Bound Soul

Brother, my brother,
How selfish was I
While you seemed to struggle,
I sat idly by

Brother, my brother
Yes, try as I might
I now realize
It was also my fight

Brother, my brother
Now look at your arm
It's cold and immovable
Lost all its charm

Brother, my brother
Now look at your leg
There's so much left missing
Yet not once did you beg

Brother, my brother
Though I lost more in mass
It is you far more haunted
By our mistakes in the past

Brother, dear brother
Listen when I say
I will stick by your ...

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I Don'T Blame You

I knew that you were in the way
I knew the lies between the truths
I knew that you would go astray
It was your fault but I don't blame you

She didn't mean to yell at you
She's just upset; she knows it's true
She knows that we have thought it through
It was your fault but I don't blame you

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