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I Miss You!

Baby, I miss you so much
Like you will never know,
I miss everything we had
But I can’t let how I feel show.

I miss your hugs
Which held me so tight,
I miss your kisses
That felt so right.

I miss how it felt perfect
Being close to you,
I miss how you were all I wanted
And when you said you loved me too.

I miss how we would have cute texts
Going back and forth all day,
Most of all I miss how you would tell me
“baby, we will be ok”

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Your Poem

I'm scared to like you
but i can't let you go,
i was scared to tell you
but i wanted you to know.

i guess he reason i'm scared
is b/c i don't wanna get hurt,
i have liked you for so long
i hope this time we will work.