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Time is twisted
Time is fought
Time is needed
Time is sought

Are you a Christian?
Do you fit the description?
Do you serve the Lord?
Will Heaven be your reward?

A young man sat alone in the woods
In couldn't go back to his neighborhood
He had no money, no family, or friends
It looked like this would be the end

Doctor sighs
Momma cries
Jim is dead
The bullet went through his head

Alright this is just a funny little poem I thought of. NOTE: I do not hate Disney or their stars. This is just a poem about them. I guess if enough people ask I will take it off (because Miley fans have anger issues) and for the record I am not a Miley fan

Celebs used in this poem:

To all my best buddies
And all my best friends
I love you so much
So stand by me

I lost a million friends today
When me and my parents moved away
We packed our bags and put them in the truck
For the love of God, this is just my luck

If I shall die before you wake
I pray that my ashes aren't thrown in a lake
In stead please bury my body with my dad
Just remember I cherish the love that we had

Why can't we start all over again
Why do you think it is such a sin
To get me and you back together
Please right now, maybe even forever

Let the rain fall
With drops big and small
Let it wash my fears away
Let the rain fall today

The girl sits down all by herself
With a book she got from a library shelf
She sings a song so true and sad
Of the boy that she once had

The doctor rushes in the wife
Cancer will soon end her husband's life
His beautiful children soon come in
Everyone gathers if they are kin

An open door
Wanting more
Will have to wait
Cause opportunity is knocking

*This is alot like the poem The Cold Within. I like that poem, and tried to write a poem with the same power that it showed. Leave your comments! *

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Okay yeah so I started writing poems in 3rd grade, then lost interest, then I guess now I am writing them again. So my name is Amber and well leave a comment. I know the poems aren't so good, but I haven't wrote a lot of poems in the past year or so.... Oh that dancing guy to the right I think, um put your mouse over him or click on him and he should dance faster. I'm not sure if it works, but it should.)

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Time is twisted
Time is fought
Time is needed
Time is sought

Time hates me
Time hates you
Time hates us
There is nothing we can do

Time is slow
Time is fast
Time is unfair
I'm always last

Time is final
Time is deciding
But in the end
Time is nothing

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