Amelia Evelyn White

Rookie - 1 Points (Sept 8,1946 / Washington, DC)

Amelia Evelyn White Poems

1. Be A True Friend 10/16/2008
2. This Is America 10/16/2008
3. His Pain 10/16/2008
4. A Half A Century 10/16/2008
5. Mr Anger 10/16/2008
6. Bitterness 10/16/2008
7. Childhood 10/16/2008
8. Loveless 10/16/2008
9. What If 10/16/2008
10. My Sympathy 10/21/2008
11. The Best Of You 10/21/2008
12. A Heart Thing 10/21/2008
13. To Have To Have Not 10/21/2008
14. Forsaken 10/21/2008
15. Mother Dear 10/21/2008
16. When I Was 21 11/25/2008
17. I Belong To You 10/21/2008
18. A Love Spurned 10/21/2008
19. Some People 10/16/2008
20. A Blessed Woman 10/16/2008
21. Retirement 10/21/2008
Best Poem of Amelia Evelyn White


Retirement? What is retirement?
Re means, on the subject, with regards to
Or with reference to.
It means concerning, regarding,
About and or pertaining to.

Tire means to exhaust, to wear out,
Drain, fatigue and or to weary.
Ment is a suffix denoting concrete results
From a specified action.

Put it all together retire means
To depart on the subject of exhaustion
To leave with regards to being worn out
To give up work with reference to being drained,
To retreat concerning fatigue and
To withdraw pertaining to being weary.

Concrete ...

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Mr Anger

He just wants to get on the inside
To find a place where he can hide.
He'll fester there quietly for awhile,
Then when he's ready
He'll drive you wild.

Why hold on to him,
Just let him go;
He means you no good,

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