Amera Andersen

Rookie (12/03/81 / New Jersey)

Amera Andersen Poems

1. The Guf 7/16/2007
2. Calypso 7/16/2007
3. Breathe 7/16/2007
4. Transistors And Tubes 7/23/2007
5. Ghost Ship 7/23/2007
6. Sing Aurora Sing 7/23/2007
7. The Widow’s Watch 7/26/2007
8. Mind Movement #4 7/26/2007
9. A Sad Poem 7/26/2007
10. Tears From Heaven 7/26/2007
11. Return The Princess 7/26/2007
12. Mystery Woman 7/26/2007
13. One Last Chance 7/29/2007
14. Immortality 7/24/2007
15. Magic Box 7/24/2007
16. Erased 7/24/2007
17. Connected 7/31/2007
18. Big Girl 8/22/2007
19. Tidal Love 9/17/2007
20. The Well 9/17/2007
21. Magic Locket 9/17/2007
22. Blendrome 9/23/2007
23. Letter To My Angel 9/23/2007
24. Forgotten Dolls 9/23/2007
25. Subtle Escape 9/26/2007
26. Totalitarian Perception 9/30/2007
27. Purpose 10/10/2007
28. Ages Pass 10/10/2007
29. Light Beyond The Grave 10/10/2007
30. Red 10/10/2007
31. Beyond Infinity 7/31/2007
32. Natural War 8/8/2007
33. Siege 12/29/2007
34. Dancing 12/29/2007
35. Miss President 12/29/2007
36. Bóinn 12/29/2007
37. Poetic Flight 12/29/2007
38. Love Cycle 4/28/2008
39. Vision 4/28/2008
40. Last Descending Overtones 4/28/2008

Comments about Amera Andersen

  • Kristin Davis (8/11/2007 8:05:00 PM)

    One of the best people, let alone poets I know is right here! Heart unlike any, spirit that is willing, and a soul that captivates my every being with her work. An inspiration to many and a friend to even more.

    Darlin' Amera, you have it all right there at your fingertips. I know you don't feel like you do at times; however, when you feel like you can't get there... close your eyes and think of me.

    You will one day be writing of your past dreams in comparison to how they are today, and when you feel totally, and absolutely complete with the universe, and you will... you will find where I left off.

    I love you and you have touched my life in so many ways. I don't know what I would ever do with you absent from my life. With that being said, thank God for you! For you in ever way!


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Best Poem of Amera Andersen

Evil Poetess

I opened the diary of her mind,
as this dark woman, came into my life
and I turned her pages only to find,
a tortured soul that is filled with strife.

She penned on her pages in blood red ink,
closing the cover to keep people out.
She’s petrified, of what others might think,
If they read her mind and witness her doubt.

I have a lover a kind hearted soul,
who gives of himself to make her feel free
but this deranged woman will eat him whole;
my all trusting lover, too blind to see.

I need to protect him, keep him from harm,
before she ...

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On island cliffs of Ogygia I stand
Awaiting tall ships; approaching the land
Enchanting the mariners with a song
As I lull them to sleep, before the long

Be condemned to an absent existence
Sealing wax, be ye only resistance
So if by thy troth my music ye loved
And lashed to the mast so that ye be gloved

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