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So hard to find for a place to fit in.
The world's so wide, I'm too little to be seen.
I've been walking from place to place
But I still can't find my space.

Sitting here alone, with the head held up,
Looking at the stars in the skies above.
Tears rolled down to my face, and I should stop
And try to hide the bitterness I have.

Oh Dear Moon! Why are you so gloomy tonight?
Shrouded by the clouds; It covers your light.
Sometimes you shines bright yet alone all night.
It made me wonder how empty you'd me might.

Take a look at me
my tears are falling, can't you see?
wouldn't you wipe it and let it dry
but if you'll stay i wouldn't cry


It's so noisy
and so dark in here.
Can't clearly see;
Can't clearly hear.

Life may get wrong and weary
But I know I have nothing to worry
For I know you are there
And you will always care.

It might be hard at the start
When distance seems to set us apart
Yet nothing could stop a loving heart
From doing things as its work of Art.

If love is only for fools,
I'll bravely stand and say I'm a fool.
For I can't help but love you more
As the sea never stop kissing the shore.

I've lost myself when I found love
And all the other things I have
For when I did I gave my all.
It was the way that made me whole.


The world is crowded and noisy
and living life without you isn't easy.
Why did you let me take this road alone
and let me carry the luggage by my own?

Glimpse of shadows in my head
Creates horror to my soul.
The bright lights are now all dead
As melody turns to growl.

I can't breath
Let go of my neck.
Don't let me to suffocate
Or be totally sick.

Life may be tough and bitter
And you may be hurt and you may suffer.
Your miseries, to God you offer
‘cause in His side, life is better.


Like a candle glowing in the dark
Couldn't find my way
Yet I know I'm shining up.
I am seen even from afar.

Hey! you crazy dog!
Stop smelling the ground.
Why do you keep on looking down?
your head almost touch the ground.


Where are you now?
I've been looking for you.
Did you lost your way to me?
or did you stop by with somebody?

I am wandering in the desserted place.
I look around and found no one but myself.
The sound of silence made me deaf.
The endless barren place

Sometimes it's hard to hold on things.
It would sometimes cause you pain.
You hold cause you fear to fall
without realizing that falling isn't a failure.

I'm trembling; I'm so scared.
My head is running wild,
My nerves are shaking,
Can't stop my tears from falling.

I loved but He doubted.
He never believed that I did.
I told him that I love him
But he just ended up questionin'

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I am currently teaching in the Department of education in the Philippines. I finished the degree of Bachelor of Secondary Education last 2013 at Cebu Normal University and I'm still taking up my master's degree at the Cebu Technological University concentrating English Language and Literature Teaching.)

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So hard to find for a place to fit in.
The world's so wide, I'm too little to be seen.
I've been walking from place to place
But I still can't find my space.

The narrow path I'm walking through
Where this would lead me, don't have any clue.
I'm living in a valley they called Vanity
With no other companion but Insanity.

It's a lonesome journey I'm taking.
It always made me feels like grieving.
The only way for me to find relief
Is to share this doleful story to my deaf self.

Shrouded with madness, this world may be
But I'm hopeful that I'll be able to see
The place where the sun shines infinitely
And where I can be seen, be heard, and be free.

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I am not concern whether people would respect me or not. I am more concern on how to keep the respect I have for myself.

The mistakes that I've done today does not define my whole being. If today is a failure, doesn't mean that tomorrow will be the same. Criticize me today and see me improving tomorrow for everything that happens in me is a part of the learning process.

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